New Viral Video Allegedly Shows A UFO, But Something Doesn’t Pass The Smell Test

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Another viral UFO video has hit the web, but something seems a bit off.

As loyal OutKick readers know, UFOs are a very popular topic and the weird stuff up in the sky only gets more popular with every new incident.

Things really hit a boiling point following the Chinese spy balloon. The United States government smoked three different UFOs, and then didn’t provide much of an explanation. To be clear, they definitely weren’t little green men flying around, but the public still doesn’t have a concrete idea of what’s up in the sky.

Now, a new video is going viral, but this one definitely doesn’t pass the smell test.

New UFO video goes viral.

The popular YouTube channel The Hidden Underbelly 2.0 uploaded a video a week ago of something allegedly flying through the air over Colombia and wrote the following description of the alleged event:

This Footage comes with no audio and was captured from the cockpit of this plane from an unknown location but when i get the information i will share it with you guys. In the footage we get a clear view of this object and this looks damn good. It seem to be a saucer shape craft. This is the Story behind the footage “The event took place on May 12th, 2022 Over Antioquia, Colombia, involving a Cessna T303 Crusader piloted by Jorge A. Arteaga. According to Jorge A. Arteaga, the object observed was not a balloon of any type, not a drone, and not any known object to him. He recorded a video of the sighting, which has been confirmed to be authentic. Arteaga recounts that the object was first seen floating stationary at a specific point between Medellin and Santa Fe. He and his co-pilot, Daniel, were flying towards Medellin when they noticed the object. As they approached the UAP, it suddenly moved towards them, prompting Arteaga to ask Daniel if he saw and heard it. Arteaga then turned the plane around, capturing the first video of the stationary object. As he was filming, the object moved slightly, and he began to “hunt” it with the aircraft. At this point, the UAP started moving towards them. Arteaga managed to avoid the object while flying at a speed of 130 to 140 knots, which is roughly over 300 kilometers per hour. He noted that had the object been a balloon, the aircraft’s wake would have blown it away or disrupted its position. He also ruled out the possibility of it being a solar or helium balloon, as the sighting occurred at 12,500 feet with temperatures around 5 degrees Celsius. Arteaga expressed fear during the encounter, insisting that the object was neither a balloon, a drone, nor any known object to him.”

That all sounds interesting, right? Well, just wait until you see the video. I think you’re going to have the same speculation I do.

Is this real?

I’m sorry, but I’m just not buying this. I’m not buying it all. Now, let’s be fair. It could be real. It’s possible. Anything is theoretically possible when talking about UFO sightings and paranormal events in general.

However, nothing about this seems real. The public has seen plenty of UFO videos in the past. They don’t ever look like this.

Not at all. It’s either radar footage, infrared video or grainy footage shot from a phone at a distance. This video allegedly shows someone capturing a UFO buzzing a plane, and it gets SHOCKINGLY close.

The right side of the photo compilation below definitely looks like it’s computer generated. Aliens are now flying in carbon copies of every artist rendering people have seen of a flying saucer?

Is the latest viral UFO sighting real? (Credit: Screenshot/YouTube Video

The YouTube description states the video “has been confirmed to be authentic.” By who? Who confirmed the footage as authentic?

People are going to see a little more proof than just a statement in a YouTube description.

Was a UFO sighted in Mexico near a volcano? (Credit: Getty Images)
What are UFOs? (Credit: Getty Images)

We keep a very open mind here at OutKick. That’s why we’re the best website in existence. However, that doesn’t mean we just buy everything at face value. Unless something more concrete comes out, I have zero reason to believe this is real.

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