Collinsworth’s Slide Absent From NFL Opener, Is It Gone For Good?

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While the nation rejoiced about the official return of the National Football League, it was shortlived as we quickly learned that Chris Collinsworth may have abandoned his signature, pre-game slide-in.

Over the years, fans have been making sure they tune in to NBC telecasts in time to see the greatest slide/lip-bite combo move in broadcasting.

After the pre-game coverage ahead of the Rams-Bills season opener, the NBC telecast took it upstairs to play-by-play man Mike Tirico and Collinsworth. But instead of letting him make his silky-smooth grand entrance, NBC decided to go with a two-shot.

The Collinsworth slide isn’t just about the slide. It’s like a ballet that combines Collinsworth slide with seamless camera work. The shot widens from a tight shot on Al Michaels’ weekly for his weekly monologue. As the camera pulls out, Collinsworth works his magic and delivers an almost vaudeville-style entrance.

Poetry in motion.

It was possible that Thursday’s lack of slide wasn’t an oversight or a creative change, but maybe a tribute to Al Michaels.

Is The Slide Gone For Good?

Fox Sports’ Peter Schrager pointed out that the absence of the slide may have been a tip of the cap to Michaels, and the start of the Tirico era.

Collinsworth is on record saying that Michaels played a role in the slide.

Collinsworth once told USA Today that the slide — like so many of history’s greatest inventions — was born from necessity.

He said that he had to somehow hit his mark while at the same time staying out of the shot while Michaels opened the broadcast. The solution?

The now-iconic slide.

Last night’s game was the only NBC Thursday Night Football broadcast before it moves to Amazon. The slide is more of an NBC Sunday Night Football tradition.

If it’s nowhere to be found then, we can safely assume that our beloved slide is dead.

At least we have the memories. Don’t cry because it’s over… smile because it happened.

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