Bills & Rams Fans Fight In The Streets As LeSean McCoy Enjoys The Action

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That’s more fight than the Rams showed through four quarters.

Bills and Rams fans got it on Thursday night in the streets of Los Angeles after the Super Bowl champs took it on the chin in the NFL’s opener.

Was this one of the great historical fan streets fights of our times? Absolutely not, but it had some highlights including former NFL running back LeSean McCoy enjoying the action as a Bills fan dropped a Rams fan in the middle of traffic.

Enough writing. Let’s get to the action!

“They can’t fight,” McCoy tells his FS1 co-worker Emmanuel Acho as the action dies down and fans go home to order a pizza and smoke some weed — in the dark.

The great news here is that nobody was shot. In July, Los Angeles homicides reached a level the city hadn’t seen in 15 years.

According to TMZ, there’s no word if anyone was arrested for disorderly conduct. Why even bother at this point in L.A.?

LeSean McCoy Bills rams fan fight
Former Bills running back LeSean McCoy in a bold shirt choice for the NFL opener / Twitter


Written by Joe Kinsey

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