Al Michaels Expects Big Things From Tom Brady As Broadcaster

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Tom Brady is still under center these days, but the second he hangs it up he’ll transition into a career as a broadcaster for Fox. The GOAT already has support from one of the broadcasting GOATs: Al Michaels.

During an appearance on the “Sports Illustrated Media Podcast,” Michaels was asked how he thought Brady will fair when he goes the broadcasting route full-time.

“I think he’ll do better than a lot of people realize,” Michaels said. “I read some columns or comments from people saying, ‘Well, you know, Tom is too structured, too concerned about his image, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah.’ The Tom I know will become immersed in this job.

“If Tom does this at whatever point, Tom is not going to phone it in. Tom’s going to want to be great.”

“Do you believe that Tom Brady will be a good broadcaster?! Yes!” (Photo by Will Newton/Getty Images)

Michaels Cites Brady’s Attention To Detail

Michaels raises a good point. That Brady’s legendary attention to detail will likely carry over into broadcasting. The broadcaster who made the words “Do you believe in miracles? Yes!” the stuff of broadcast legend had another example of Brady’s obsession with minutiae.

“I’ve had a chance to play some golf with Tom and he is a student beyond comprehension,” Michaels told Sports Illustrated. “I watched him take a couple of lessons and he wants to know everything about, you know, ‘Is the right elbow at a 27-degree angle to the left hip?’ He’s that immersive.

“So I don’t see Tom doing anything but working his ass off if and when he goes into broadcasting.”

Most of us can’t say that they’ve played golf with Tom Brady (maybe you have; I haven’t) but Brady’s obsession with the finer points of anything is obvious. You don’t stay as productive for as long as he has without hammering out the smallest details.

While Brady hasn’t called any games yet, he has hopped behind the microphone. He does a podcast called “Let’s Go!” alongside Larry Fitzgerald and Jim Gray.

Brady will be just fine behind the microphone, and that Michaels stamp of approval makes for some great street cred,

If there’s anyone qualified to speak on broadcast matters like this, it’s Al Michaels.

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