Uber Eats Delivery Guy With A Bag of McDonald’s Interrupts Game Between Duquesne-Loyola Chicago In Search of Hungry Customer

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This guy did an Uber job.

During a Wednesday night college hoops matchup between Loyola Chicago vs. Duquesne, one Uber Eats delivery guy forced the game to come to a halt as he looked around UPMC Cooper Fieldhouse to deliver an order of McDonald’s to a hungry attendee.

Minutes into the second half, with Loyola holding a three-point lead, the grub hero appeared on the hardcourt and was in complete confusion over the location of his drop-off.

If not for the animal rights activists that glued themselves onto the court during NBA games last season, this guy’s cameo would have taken the cake for the most bizarre stoppage in a basketball game ever.


Rarely is someone willing to go to these lengths to get the job done nowadays. Imagine all the trouble this guy had to go through to find parking on campus and look for the hungry patron in a 3,500-seat venue … major props! We’re lovin’ it.


Let’s just hope that he was tipped 50 percent or more for this heroic quest. And that he remembered to ask for sauce.

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Written by Alejandro Avila

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