College GameDay Makes Terrible Guest Picker Choice In Bozeman

College GameDay and ESPN fumbled the ball in a huge way with the guest picker selection Saturday.

The popular event is in Bozeman for the Montana/Montana State game, and the city is absolutely rocking with excitement.

Now, I’m not a genius, but it would seem like anyone with a shred of common sense would suggest making the guest picker anyone from “Yellowstone.”

Why wasn’t a “Yellowstone” star the College GameDay guest picker? (Credit: Paramount Network)

It could be Kevin Costner, Cole Hauser, Luke Grimes or any other notable cast member, but when you’re in a state tied to the best show on TV, you play into it and play off of it.

Kirk Herbstreit, who went FULL cowboy, even got the memo.

Seems obvious, right? Wrong!

ESPN passes on making a “Yellowstone” star the College GameDay guest picker. (Credit: Paramount Network)

ESPN screwed this up in a big way for “Yellowstone” and GameDay fans.

Instead of going with a “Yellowstone” star and setting the college football world on fire, GameDay chose golfer Nick Faldo.

Yes, a golfer from England is the guest picker for GameDay in Bozeman, Montana. Not Costner, not Grimes, not Hauser, not Taylor Sheridan and not anyone else involved with “Yellowstone.”

A damn golfer. It’s not even the proper sport.

As expected, people were not pleased and the backlash was immediate on Twitter.

In case you didn’t already know that ESPN hates fun, I guess you do now. This was so easy. This was supposed to be the easiest choice ever.

You’re in Montana. It’s the home of John Dutton. It’s the state that’s become synonymous with “Yellowstone.”

Plus, season five just started. How much easier could this have been for ESPN? Yet, the network dropped the ball in absolutely pathetic fashion. Fans craved “Yellowstone.” Instead, we got a damn golfer. Pathetic.

It is amazing how easy ESPN makes it to hate everything the network does. Just an all-time botch job from everyone involved. Embarrassing all the way around.

Written by David Hookstead

David is a college football fanatic who foolishly convinces himself every season the Wisconsin Badgers will finally win a national title. Has been pretending to be a cowboy ever since the first episode of Yellowstone aired.


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  1. ESPN may have decided against inviting a star of Yellowstone because that show’s on Fox. They don’t much like each other, I guess, and ESPN wouldn’t want to promote a Fox show, even if that was the obvious choice.

    I thought Nick Faldo was an odd choice, but he was fine on the show. I know who he is, but his outfit was so completely C&W that it took me a while to connect the dots.

    It was cold enough here for me, and I was just glad to be at home instead of in Montana. Nothing personal.

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