Colin Kaepernick Says It’s Hard To Tell Loved Ones They Are Racist

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It must be really fun to be related to Colin Kaepernick.

The ex-quarterback talked to Eve L. Ewing on Thursday about responses they’ve received from readers of their graphic novel. Their book, “Change the Game,” is an autobiographical account of Kaepernick’s life as a teenager.

Kaepernick got a lot of backlash (and deservedly so) last month for saying that his white adoptive parents “perpetuated racism.”

Colin Kaepernick Says It's Hard To Tell Loved Ones They Are Racist
Colin Kaepernick insinuated that his white adoptive mother is a racist. (Photo by Michael Zagaris/San Francisco 49ers/Getty Images)

But according to Kaepernick, lots of people think their parents are racist, too.

“I’ve had a lot of responses from other trans-racial adoptees on that front,” he said. “Just like having similar experiences and having similar family dynamics that they’re trying to navigate.”

The anti-white activist says it’s difficult to talk to loved ones about their racism.

Especially when those loved ones adopted you, gave you a great life, supported you in your pursuit of professional athletics and — you know — aren’t actually racist.

“It is very difficult for people to have a nuanced conversation around it to be, like, yeah, the people that love you and that you love can also perpetuate very problematic elements, and those things can exist at the same time,” he said. “And part of it is, like, how do you grapple with that? How do you navigate that? And especially at a young age? And it’s, like, are you equipped to navigate that and are your parents equipped to navigate that?”

Colin Kaepernick says his parents ‘perpetuated racism.’

The graphic novel recounts a time when Kaepernick and his mother disagreed about his haircut.

Kaepernick wanted to get his hair braided into cornrows like Allen Iverson, but his parents pushed back on the idea.

“He’s getting what rolls?” his mom says. 

Kaepernick said that after getting cornrows, his mom warned his hair was “not professional” and he “looked like a little thug.”

Kaep, a professional victim, was undoubtedly the first teenager in the history of mankind who had a dispute with his parents about a haircut. And he claims these family interactions helped to shape his decisions as an adult to embrace his ethnicity.

Leave it to this guy to shamelessly throw the people who love him most under the bus. Anything for attention and temporary relevancy.

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  1. The 2019 film “Luce” was quite good, a “social thriller drama”, one of the best in recent years. The main character is adopted from another continent, and his story (involving his parents) is much more interesting than the story of the ex-49er quarterback.

  2. His parents were racist because they told him to get a haircut. Under those circumstances, every parent in the history of the modern world is racist. Just more fodder for the mouth breathing progressives who lap this nonsense up

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