Colin Cowherd Torches Trey Lance’s Stripper Antics

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Colin Cowherd’s faith in Trey Lance appears to be disappearing at an alarming rate.

The FS1 host has generally been a solid supporter of the young QB, but following an embarrassing loss to the Bears, a video surfaced that appeared to show Lance making it rain on strippers.

Cowherd was not impressed by Trey Lance.

To the shock of absolutely nobody, the host of “The Herd,” wasn’t impressed, and he let his viewers know it with some incredibly blunt comments.

“Gagging to the Bears, can’t complete 50% of his throws, making it rain at a strip club. It’s not the NBA, man. Got eight home games. Got to win them, especially when you have a Super Bowl roster,” Cowherd said while looking visibly displeased with Trey Lance.

He also added that while Twitter found it funny, that’s not a reflection of reality. Cowherd told his fans, “Of course they do. Of course Twitter supported it, but Twitter is not real life.”

It’s hard to disagree with Cowherd’s assessment of the situation. Trey Lance was absolutely abysmal against the Bears to start the season. He completed 46.4% of his passes for 164 yards and an interception.

His performance was downright unwatchable, despite the fact he’s surrounded by a ton of talent. How does the horrible performance get followed up?

Video allegedly shows Trey Lance making it rain on strippers. (Credit: Screenshot/Twitter Video

A video hit the web that appeared to show him throwing cash on nearly naked women. Do the fans or the team want to see that after he threw 13/28 in a 19-10 loss to a bad Chicago team?

The answer is obvious, and the answer is no.

Colin Cowherd reacts to the Trey Lance/strippers video. (Photo by Michael Reaves/Getty Images)

Trey Lance better start stacking up some wins soon, or whatever support he has in the building could quickly disappear.

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