Colin Cowherd Awkwardly Includes Late Dwayne Haskins On List Of QBs Who Won’t Win A Super Bowl

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Radio host Colin Cowherd put together a list of quarterbacks drafted since 2013 who won’t be winning a Super Bowl, and his inclusion of the late Dwayne Haskins made things very uncomfortable.

It’d be tough to argue with a lot of the names on Cowherd’s list. Most seem a long way away from a Super Bowl title – either because they’re on the wrong team at the wrong time, lack some of the intangible qualities of a Super Bowl champ, or — like in the case of UCF great Blake Bortles — they’ve retired.

However, he then threw Haskins into the mix.

I mean, he’s right, but who wants to tell him?

As you no doubt recall, Haskins was tragically killed while attempting to cross a Florida highway in April 2022.

While wildly embarrassing, you’ve got to assume that mistake stemmed from throwing every remaining QB drafted after 2013 on a list. Someone just took every name and put them on the graphic.

Haskins is part of that group, but you’d think that would’ve been caught at some point.

Unfortunately, it wasn’t.

That’d be like putting Tony Bennett on a list of performers who won’t win any future non-posthumous Grammys, only considerably worse.

Quietly, my favorite part of that video was when Cowherd paused for a second. You can tell he noticed something was wrong, and at first, I thought he caught the inclusion of Haskins on the list.

Nope. It was that the list said QBs who “can” win a Super Bowl instead of “can’t.”

Talk about extremely awkward. Still, these things happen. President Joe Biden once made a similar mistake when he tried to call on a congresswoman who was no longer alive.

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