Cole Beasley Is Neither Anti-Vax Nor Pro-Vax, And Keith Olbermann Is Offended (Shocker!)

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Believe it or not, Keith Olbermann is offended! After Bills receiver Cole Beasley stood up for personal choice, Mr. Mask himself became so enraged that he decided to tweet Beasley IN ALL CAPS!

Beasley told the Buffalo media he is neither anti-vax nor pro-vax and that he considers himself pro-choice. Olbermann responded in the most adult-way possible, hitting the caps lock key with all his might and calling Beasley an “IDIOT”.

Along with concern for younger players who end up cut because they are unvaccinated, Beasley cited a lack of information about the vaccine, player safety and pressure from agents as among the reasons he’s not comfortable with the NFL’s vaccination stance. Having this much logic crammed into one statement was too much to keep Olbermann from throwing a tantrum:

To be clear, grown baby, err…man, Keith Olbermann is deeply offended that someone thinks personal choice should be an option for a citizen of the United States of America.

Fortunately, non-woke social media users have spent the evening providing Olbermann with enough content to trigger additional ALL CAPS REPLIES!

Maybe someone (masked, of course) in the New York area can hurry over to Olbermann’s home and get his caps lock key some ibuprofen and a bag of ice. It’s likely in for A LONG NIGHT!

Written by Anthony Farris


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  1. Olbermann is nothing more than an angry old man who long ago lost relevance. Social media is really his only platform along with all the other useful idiots. He might be the only man on the planet who would get angry while getting a happy ending.

    • That’s a fair observation but I don’t think that’s it. I think at this point Olbermann would be offended at the mere action of two adults being naked around each other. One thing is certainly clear though, he’s completely lost his mind. I mean that’s blatantly obvious. He’s not even what can be called a left wing nut, he’s in a world of his own.

  2. I read the entire statement and found Beasley’s statement to be incredibly reasonable. FFS we are now a solid 4 months into the vaccine being widely available to everyone who wishes to get one. Yes the vaccines are effective and there’s plenty of data to support that they significantly decrease the likelihood of infection, hospitalization, or death.

    But at the end of the day it’s a fuckin choice. Not getting vaxxed is essentially a victimless crime. Yes, you can pass corona (mostly to other people who have chosen to not get vaxxed) but those who have been vaxxed are at extremely low risk and those people can still catch it from other vaxxed people. This shit is ridiculous but totally predictable.

    • We know nothing about the long term affects. These are not normal vaccines. They target spike protein and we don’t know how that will make changes in the body later. Plus it doesn’t prevent COVID. Look how many people are getting COVID who have been vaccinated. Other vaccines that are mandated for kids in school have years of testing and data before they were mandatory. I saw idiots comparing the two on Twitter. There is no comparison to a rushed emergency authorization vaccine and the ones we have had for decades. Oh yeah and olbermann is such a fucking tool.

      • Indeed. Does not prevent covid but the data clearly indicates one who’s been vaccinated is substantially less likely to suffer severe side effects from the virus. The number of confirmed cases is a far less significant statistic than hospitalizations/death. That being said I am a proponent of the vaccine as a personal CHOICE. I’m 29 and do not plan to get vaccinated any time soon. However, I highly recommended my father to get one. Everyone’s risk portfolio is different based on age/health.

        Kids/young people are at such little risk from the virus that the risk/reward of getting the vaccine doesn’t make sense to me. People will argue everyone needs one so we don’t get variants but it’s a dumb argument because the US is only like 4% of the world pop. Even if we got to 99% vaccinated the virus will continue to spread and change elsewhere in the world. This shit ain’t going away like polio. I think we’re just gonna have to fuckin deal with it.

    • If the people who are at risk of having a serious reaction to the virus get the vaccine, then there is no reason for people like Beasley to get vaccinated. Chances of Beasley getting sick from the Corona virus are virtually zero. He can develop a natural immunity. Vax the old and sick and everyone else can just go about their lives.

  3. Man these COVID cultists are so annoying. What the hell is so crazy about someone who doesn’t want to take a vaccine that A. Doesn’t mean you cannot not wear a mask. B. Doesn’t prevent you from getting COVID. C. In a letter released on the internet today from Pfizer says they don’t know about the long term effects so you can’t sue them. D. Do I really need to say more. This vaccine is a joke. Most people getting COVID now are vaccinated. Go figure. I want nothing that the government says I must have. Sorry, don’t trust them for shit.

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