Cole Beasley Becomes Latest Player To Rip NFLPA Over COVID Restrictions

Early on Thursday morning, I wrote up an article about Joe Mixon absolutely dragging the NFL Players Association on Wednesday after the organization agreed with the NFL to implement — or continue, in some cases — extreme COVID restrictions for unvaccinated players.

Meanwhile, vaccinated players are allowed to return to normal.

In that article, I said that Mixon likely wasn’t the only NFL player who feels betrayed by the NFLPA, and based on the information we got on Thursday, that speculation has turned into fact. Buffalo Bills starting wide receiver Cole Beasley is the latest to voice his displeasure with the league and NFLPA.

And like Mixon, Beasley took to social media to air his grievances. Check it out.

It sounds like some of the players aren’t going to go down without a fight. They’re clearly against taking the vaccine, and they’re going to fight for their right not to have to do so without that decision affecting the way they can do their job.

Will they win out? Eh, it’s doubtful, but that’s not stopping them from at least trying.

Once again, don’t be surprised if Beasley continues to speak out on this issue. He’s already been willing to speak out in the past on other related topics. He mocked Dr. Fauci over masks about a month ago.

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Written by Clint Lamb

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  1. One thing we’ve learned through all of this is half the population is willing to give up their freedom quite easily, and another 25% or so are happy to never give it back.

  2. Just get one of those fake vaccination cards
    For sure they will be manufactured somewhere out there.pretty sure they already are
    The dummies at NFL management will never know the difference between the real and fake

  3. I always liked Beasley and I like him even more now. Guys that go over the middle and make grabs with no protection are made of different stuff. The scamdemic was the biggest fraud perpetrated on the world ever. Trump said a month in that hydroxychoriquin and erythromycin given in the early stages of COVID pretty much eliminated hospitalization. Fauci and all the other fraud scientists said this was false and that cost 500,000 plus American lives. This was always about getting rid of Trump and making a few people rich off of the vaccine. All the study’s coming out now prove Trump was right over and over again and the gov. and the cdc were lying to us the whole time. Now it’s coming out the Jan. 6th “insurrection” was orchestrated by our wonderful fbi. The keep telling us that the point of the protesters on that day ways to stop the certification of Biden but if you remember what it really interrupted was a vote to extend the process for 10 days to investigate election fraud. But then because of the protesters the senators who were going to support that backed out because of the optics. So because of that Biden was sworn in and the rest is history. We are being lied to folks. This isn’t a democracy and hasn’t been for a long time if at all. The country is run by a small group of elites who let us believe we have control over the government but in reality we have none. Sorry for the length.

  4. How fucking stupid are these idiots? Zero science backing restrictions, but one big birthing person fuckin problem to deal with now. Bigger than kneelng for the national anthem. One thing the Chinese virus has taught us. America is currently devoid of leadership. Now is not the time to be quiet. Unless you want to be thrown in jail for saying mother fucker.

  5. Study Roman history and you’ll find a correlation between the stripping away of the republic after Augustus, and the indolence of the common man. The senate used to fear the mob – they even demanded and recieved direct representation for their class in the senate in the 4th or 3rd century BC or so. Then the grain dole, free entertainment and lack of employment due to slave labor doing much of the work led to a lazy, uninterested and easily trampled on lower class.

    They owned nothing, and they were happy (for all the fellow Tim Pool watchers out there). I challenge someone to not find a familiar sounding story in that to what our country faces now with its stupid population.

  6. The NFLPA is not looking great as a union that cares about ALL its members here. I’m generally against unions, but if I had to be part of one I’d dang sure want them to push back on the company overstepping it’s bounds like this. Looks like the NFLPA leaders are in bed with the league. I’d be concerned as a player that my union went MIA on this with apparently zero input from players. Not a good look.

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