Joe Mixon Drags NFLPA Over Recently Released Restrictions For Unvaccinated Players

The NFL released new COVID-19 rules and guidelines on Wednesday as teams gear up for training camp next month. In that release, we learned one crucial piece of information: the league is handing fully-vaccinated teams a significant competitive advantage.

Some players, including Cincinnati Bengals starting running back Joe Mixon, aren’t happy with the new rules. In fact, the former second-round pick took to Twitter soon after the new rules were released to voice his frustrations.

Check it out.

I guarantee you Mixon isn’t the only player who feels this way. Many do, but it doesn’t look like their frustrations — even if they voice them publicly — will have any impact on the way the NFL handles players and the COVID vaccine.

Unfortunately, the 24-year-old running back will probably be convinced to take the vaccine at some point before training camp gets underway. The freedoms and return to normalcy for those who have gotten vaccinated will push players who haven’t to do so too. Is that right? No, but it’s the unfortunate reality right now.

I will be curious to see if there are any who stay committed and never get the vaccine.

What do you think? Is the NFL overstepping its bounds here?

Wouldn’t be the first time.

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Written by Clint Lamb

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  1. Clearly they are that question doesn’t even need to be asked and he should be looking at his fellow players in the league for allowing this complete bullshit protocol to be pushed and remain in place.

  2. What is the alternative? Would you rather they keep the strict protocols in place for everyone? There is too much at stake to completely ignore protocols so seems like you would rather have fully vaccinated players still remain under lock and key along with the non-vaccinated?

    • Kevcar01, If a vaccine works, then the unvaccinated person should not be a significant risk to the vaccinated player. If the vaccine doesn’t work, then why does he need to get one? Do they force them to get the flu shot? What about all the other vaccines that are available?

    • Why keep protocols at all? I think that’s the whole point here. Players who wanted to be vaccinated are vaccinated, so they’re in no danger (if this is a vaccine). The players who aren’t vaccinated have accepted the extremely low risk to their health. Who do protocols protect? No one obviously. It’s political theater with no real medical necessity.

    • I agree with TigerMan. Vaccinated folks shouldn’t fear any threat from the uninoculated. Assuming it works, which is doubtful. It is plain and simple virtue signaling to make sure the Demokkkrats and the woke will pat the NFL on the back. Just like Breast Cancer Awareness month in the NFL and how the league cares so much about #MeToo except when the top of the victim pyramid is accused. I digress, the NFL is fake as fuck and this means nothing other than a virtual signal.

  3. I agree with Mixon. Pressuring and essentially threatening players with hardship if they don’t inject a questionable vaccine into their bodies when they’re at no risk is tyrannical and insane. I agree with him that if you’ve got a union and they’re sitting back watching the league throw down all these idiotic mandates without standup, why exactly do you have a union? No, I don’t think these players will get vaccinated. If someone has held out this long they’ve got convictions and or serious concerns everyone needs to respect that and back the hell off.

  4. Well, it’s a great day for the Coronabros. Last year we heard stories that the virus caused cases of myocarditis in some and that this was of great concern. We also heard from many in the world of politics that the vaccines couldn’t be trusted as safe. Then January 20th came and went, and the same vaccines were now perfectly safe. I know this because I’ve seen countless PSA’s from celebrities telling everyone how safe the vaccines are. Now the CDC is reporting cases of both Myocarditis and Pericarditis showing up primarily in younger age vaccinated males. So, Mr. Mixon may have a point. It’s only a matter time before one of these players takes the league and maybe their own union to court.

  5. Agreed that protocols at this point in everyday life are ridiculous. I’m saying that a high profile league like the NFL will never risk an outbreak that could cause major problems for them if they don’t have protocols in place. That’s the reality.

    • Crazy, cowardly and controlling.
      If the vaccine works, ain’t nobody’s concern who else gets it (short of encouraging friends and family to get it).
      If the vaccine does NOT work, this is all fully and theater anyway. And people who are cautious about a drug in what still is a clinical trial are more justified than ever.
      Just another way to divide people by the political zealots.

  6. All of this out of paranoia and cowardice over a virus with a “killer” 1% mortality rate. The NFL and NBA are living examples of the gutless cowards people have become all over the fear of getting sick, as if that never happened to humans before 2020.

  7. Forget Mixon’s past.
    His MESSAGE is exactly what needs to be FRONT PAGE.
    Hell, if Hillary f’ing Clinton said the same words, I’d SUPPORT the MESSAGE.


    Pretty simple FACT.

    Who among us wants to BUY what
    are SELLING???!!

  8. Why would anyone under 30 take this? Not just that but if you are a professional athlete everything matters why the hell would you put something unknown in your body? More than that what if he has already had it or been in close contact with those that had? This vaccinate everyone thing is fucking weird

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