CNN Officially Cancels John King To Give Show To His Ex-Wife Dana Bash

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CNN demoted John King from his daily television show and gave it to his ex-wife.

Thursday, the network announced that Dana Bash would replace King on Inside Politics from 12-1 p.m. ET.

There is never a good way to lose your own TV show, be it for poor ratings, calling women over 40 past their primes, or #MeToo. But losing it to the woman who left you is perhaps the Holy Grail of humiliation.

King and Bash also share a son together. Awkward for the son it must be, having to explain to his pals why his father just got canceled.

Best to ask mom, not dad, for that new car this summer.

John King and Dana Bash.


In addition to getting her ex-husband’s daily program, Bash recently joined Jake Tapper as co-anchor of the network’s Sunday flagship program, State of the Union.

She will continue in her Sunday role, says the company.

As for King, CNN plans to move him to a project “focused on voters in key battleground states as the 2024 presidential campaign cycle gets underway.” 

Sounds like an emeritus role until he departs the network entirely.

Though it airs at noon, Inside Politics is one of the more successful programs at CNN. Tuesday, it ranked fifth across the network:

An eventful week it has been for CNN. To recap:

— White House Press Secretary Karine Jean-Pierre refused to appear on-air with Don Lemon.

— Black staffers leaked that their bosses are racist for demoting Laura Coates out of primetime.

— The network announced the signings of Charles Barkley and Gayle King

— CNN fired Don Lemon.

— Al Sharpton accused the network of silencing the civil rights movement

— A staple at the company just lost his TV show to his nagging ex-wife.


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