Black Staffers Reportedly Furious CNN Didn’t Give Black Woman Primetime Show

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Drama has re-emerged inside CNN.

According to the New York Post, black staffers at CNN are “furious” over a decision not to name a black woman the full-time host of a vacant primetime hour.

The network has rotated several hosts over the past year between 9 pm and midnight, following the firing of Chris Cuomo (who hosted from 9-10) and the demotion of Don Lemon (who hosted from 10-midnight).

In January, CNN named Laura Coates the temporary anchor of the 11 pm hour. The inclusion of a black woman drew positive tweets from various media members.

But The Post learned that CNN executives recently informed Coates she would lose her position in primetime.

Laura Coates on CNN.

In lieu, the network will expand white woman Alisyn Camerota’s program to two hours, from 10 pm to 12 am.

As for the 9 pm hour, white girl Kaitlan Collins is receiving a tryout.

If the name sounds familiar, Collins is the female co-host whom Don Lemon berated behind the scenes in December for talking more than he likes at the desk they share.

Nonetheless, CNN staffers fear the look of a finalized primetime lineup of Anderson Cooper (8-9), Collins (9-10), and Camerota (10-midnight).

Two white chicks and a gay white dude wouldn’t fulfill the DEI intuitive staffers demand their bosses follow.

 “The concern is that it’s all white people who don’t have experience anchoring — while surrounding them with [contributors who are] African American and people of color is a sleight of hand,” a CNN source told Insider.

The Insider report adds that black staffers at CNN decided against taking the issue up to C-suite levels because they fear parent company Warner Bros. Discovery is trying to appeal to racist conservative viewers “at the expense of people of color.”

At this point, is there any doubt Mean Girl Don Lemon is among the angry staffers?

Don Lemon doesn’t like women, white people, or Kaitlan Collins. Yet here’s his network looking to promote his nemesis white female co-host to primetime, from where he was demoted.

Hopefully, Don Lemon can get his mind off Collins with the lawsuit he’s looking to file against Variety for reporting that he is a sexist pig.

Stay tuned for that.

All white or not, the trio of Cooper-Collins-Camerota is hardly promising. Far more troubling than their skin tones are their lacks of success.

CNN’s primetime lineup, with Cooper and Camerota, recently recorded its lowest-rated audience since Neilsen began tracking ratings data in September of 1991.

Cooper and Camerota are duds. And while talented, the 31-year-old Collins is not enough to drag them out of the abyss.

Kaitlan Collins is better than Laura Coates. But she’s not Tucker Carlson, Rachel Maddow, Bill O’Reilly, or Megyn Kelly.

Specifically, Collins hasn’t even amassed a full year of hosting experience. Until last fall, she was a White House reporter who worked via remote.

Consider what it says about the veteran hosts inside CNN that CEO Chris Licht is considering such inexperience for the flagship 9 pm hour.

From record-low ratings to Don Lemon undergoing anti-woman training to accusations of racism from within — “This Is CNN.”

Written by Bobby Burack

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