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CNN Can’t Get it Right in the Morning

The future of morning TV is one of the primary question marks facing the TV industry as new habits continue to evolve. Few who know anything about the TV industry will deny that morning TV is an irreplaceable driving point for a news network and can still pull in ridiculous amounts of money. Morning TV is lucrative. It sets the tone, and most importantly, it gets households to turn on a channel they may leave on for hours. It’s a gold mine — if viewers tune in. Much has been made about the future of CNN, as well. President Jeff Zucker plans to depart at the end of this year, the network went all-in on hating Donald Trump, who is no longer in office, and there are reported rumors that AT&T could eventually look to sell CNN. My reaction to all of this has been that the network must first fix its own morning show, New Day. New Day has always struggled to compete with Fox & Friends and Morning Joe, its cable news morning show competitors. Though this has been an issue for years, recent averages paint a clear picture of the discrepancy. In March 2021, Fox & Friends […]



Written by Bobby Burack

Bobby Burack covers media, politics, and sports at OutKick.