CNN Looking To Replace Host With His Ex-Wife

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Of the many ways to lose your TV show, losing it to your ex-wife must rank near the top of the most infuriating.

Ask John King.

Or plan to ask him in the coming weeks.

A Confider report Monday announced CNN is looking to boot King off of Inside Politics by replacing him with his former wife, Dana Bash.

The move could leave King without a role at the company. Meanwhile, the daily assignment would only add to Bash’s plate.

Bash is already the chief political correspondent at the network and co-anchors State of the Union, CNN’s flagship Sunday program, with Jake Tapper.

Suffice it to say Bash is winning the divorce.

Moreover, King and Bash share a son together. So, the conversation could come up at the dinner table.

— Son, I lost my TV show.

To whom?

Your mother.

Suboptimal, to say the least.

John King on CNN.

Unfortunately, King is one of the better hosts on CNN. His election night coverage is among the few strengths of the network.

Sure, Inside Politics averaged just 622,000 viewers during the first quarter of 2023. But while 34th in cable news, the show was 5th on CNN.

King topped all primetime (8-11 pm).

John King isn’t the issue. The reputation and lack of purpose of the current iteration of CNN are.

Still, the network plans to ditch King while keeping Don Lemon employed following his ongoing commitment to anti-woman rehab dubbed as “formal training.”

RE: Lemon, he hosts the lowest-rated show on CNN. And continues to make headlines for his sexism, and threats to file lawsuits against journalists.

Lemon is privileged. John King is a 59-year-old straight white man.


Anyway, we wish the King and Bash households a civil transition as Dana Bash replaces her ex-husband on his own show.

Written by Bobby Burack

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