Clueless Fan Takes Paul Goldschmidt Dinger Off Shoulder; MLB Twitter Ignores Man Writhing In Pain

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A fan in Cincinnati is going to be nursing a sore shoulder after getting drilled by a homer during Tuesday’s Reds-Cardinals game.

St. Louis DH Paul Goldschmidt got all of the 2-2 offering from Reds pitcher Graham Ashcroft. That ball left the park in a hurry which may not have given one fan enough time to take evasive maneuvers.

Someone get that man an icepack, stat!

Hopefully, that poor dude is okay, but the MLB Twitter ignoring that a fan just get smoked by a long ball in that video is objectively funny.

It was an interesting bit of broadcast directing as well. To cut back to the guy rubbing his shoulder in pain, then going back to Goldschmidt’s home run trot.

That had to hurt. Probably even worse than normal since it was a home run for the visiting team.

You’ve Got To Keep Your Eye On The Ball, Even If That’s Easier Said Than Done

Basbeall and hockey games require fans to stay vigilant. Of course, sometimes that’s easier said than done.

According to the MLB that dinger had an exit velocity of over 102 mph. Some of the steam may have come off of that one by the time it clobbered that fella, but he was absolutely still feeling that one Wednesday morning.

Now, the last thing I want to be accused of is blaming the victim, but I have no clue what that guy was doing.

I mean, it looked like he knew there was a possible home run ball coming his way. It also looked like he popped up to try to catch himself a free souvenir. However, hey may have taken his eye off the ball.

Unfortunately, he wasn’t able to pick it up again until it had cracked him in the shoulder and ricocheted into the neighboring section.

At least if something like that was going to happen, it happened in the third inning. There was still plenty of time to ease the pain with a couple of ballpark cold ones.

That’ll always cure what ails you.

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