Clippers Guard Russell Westbrook Erupts At Suns Fan In Front of Son: ‘Watch Your Mouth, Motherf**ker!’

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Sunday’s loaded slate of NBA postseason games treated fans to dramatic wins, unfortunate injuries and moments of volatility.

The biggest flare-up of the day goes to Clippers guard Russell Westbrook after the veteran All-Star was caught yelling at a fan and shouting obscenities in front of the fan’s son.

Russell Westbrook Can’t Stop Fighting Fans

The heated Suns fan caught Westbrook’s attention during halftime of the Phoenix-LA matchup. After the fan appeared to troll Westbrook, the All-Star ferociously approached him for a verbal back-and-forth.

“Watch your mouth, motherf**ker, watch your mouth,” shouted Westbrook. A Suns security member wedged himself between the two men.


“Talk about it, be about it,” the fan responded, uttering a “Westbrick” as the NBA player returned to the court.


From the crop top jersey to the bewildered son observing his dad’s beef with an NBA player, the absurd scene became a signature Westbrook moment.

Westbrook was all but guaranteed to erupt on Sunday as he visited the Phoenix Suns β€” boasting one of the peskiest fanbases β€”Β at Footprint Center for Game 1 of the Western Conference Playoffs’ first round. Westbrook was also facing off against former Oklahoma City Thunder teammate Kevin Durant.

With All-Star Paul George sidelined due to a knee injury, all eyes were on Kawhi Leonard and Westbrook to guide the Clippers past the potent Phoenix Suns.

Westbrook left his mark from the pregame to the postgame. The guard’s on-court heroics in crunch time sealed the win for LA as Westbrook hit two clutch free throws and pulled a crafty turnover in the closing moments.

On the stat line, Westbrook wasn’t particularly spectacular against Phoenix. He shot 3-of-19 for nine points, adding 10 rebounds and eight assists. Still, the Clippers won, 115-110.

Now Westbrook’s off-the-court antics may be the key to tying up the series after Tuesday’s Game 2, which will remain in Phoenix.

After Sunday’s halftime feud, Suns fans will surely look to get under Westbrook’s skin.

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