Grotesque Cleveland Browns Tailgate Features Massage Table, Defends Deshaun Watson’s ‘Happy Endings’

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The Browns returned home to Cleveland on Sunday and its fanbase took the opportunity to defend Deshaun Watson. Prior to the game against the Jets, fans gathered in the infamous Muni Lot outside of FirstEnergy Stadium and one particularly grotesque tailgate took things too far.

Watson, who was accused of sexual assault by more than 20 massage therapists, is suspended 11 games by the NFL. That is not stopping Browns fans from claiming that he did not do anything wrong.

During the preseason, Cleveland fans arrived to games with disgusting signs while off-brand, horribly inappropriate T-shirts were sold outside of the stadium. On Sunday, they elevated the level of vulgarity to an even more repulsive level.

A group of fans set up a Watson-themed tailgate that was, and is, truly unacceptable.

In the middle of the parking lot tailgate was a massage table. On the table was a mannequin wearing a No. 4 T-shirt from Watson’s time in Houston. Between the mannequin’s legs was a tip jar.

If that wasn’t gross enough, the mannequin had a simulated erection that was covered by a towel. In front of the display, a sign read “HAPPY ENDINGS ARE NOT ILLEGAL.”

To make things even worse, a flag hung above the tailgate. It featured Watson’s face on an explicit meme that went viral over the last few years. A women’s hand caressed his left shoulder.

Take a look at the Deshaun Watson-themed Browns tailgate:

The grotesque Browns tailgate was originally shared by @brandonleuschel on Twitter.

There is simply no defending this tailgate. The fans who set up the tailgate are degenerates.

Those who attended the tailgate, while likely just looking for a place to party with their friends before the game, are also on the hook. They were complicit in allowing this to happen.

What was the thought process here? Making fun of sexual assault allegations simply is not funny.

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