Cleveland Degenerates Off To Disgusting Start With Deshaun Watson Experiment

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Talk about not being able to read the room. Leave it to Cleveland degenerates to have zero chill while the franchise quarterback is suspended for the first 11 games of the NFL season. They wasted no time making fun of the situation and trying to make a buck.

Browns owner Jimmy Haslam spent last week rallying the troops in Cleveland by explaining Deshaun Watson deserved a second chance and the ability to rehabilitate. Typically, in the NFL, rehabilitation cases don’t get a five-year, $230 million fully guaranteed contract. In fact, it’s never happened.

Enter the Cleveland degenerates.

First up is some MMA fighter named Scottie Weaver who wanted to make a viral splash at Sunday’s preseason game against the Eagles. Scottie sat there and made the business decision to take a “F–k them hoes” sign to the game and had his son hold a “Free Watson” sign in what one could assume is Scottie’s way of saying Deshaun deserves a second chance.

Scottie has since deleted his Twitter account. The sign hasn’t found many supporters amongst a Cleveland fan base that’s not afraid to get down with signs, T-shirts and vulgar messaging.

Outside the stadium, one of the many infamous T-shirt vendors that typically peddle “B–ch I’m a Dawg” shirts has upped his game with a “B–ch give me a massage” shirt for fans who want to support Deshaun and his rehab.

We’re at the beginning of this mess the Browns find themselves in. As was reported by fans at Sunday’s game, there were Eagles fans wearing shirts featuring Bill Cosby’s head on Deshaun Watson’s body wearing his Browns No. 4 jersey with a “No more happy endings” message on the front with ‘Games 11’ on the back.

According to a Browns fan, a team official came and told the Eagles fans to turn their shirts inside out because of the messaging. Good luck to Jimmy Haslam’s second chance squad security team this season.

They’re going to need it.

Written by Joe Kinsey

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  1. The Browns deserve everything that comes out of their business decision to ignore the personal issues of this guy. Sexual deviates are never going to change. He’s got 11 weeks during the season to scope out the massage therapy market in NE Ohio.

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