Clear As Mud: World Health Organization Now Says Children Shouldn’t Be Vaccinated

According to the vaccine advice page for the World Health Organization (WHO), children should not be vaccinated for COVID-19. Why? Perhaps for the first time since this entire fiasco began, the WHO seems to have stumbled upon a reasonable, non-politicized stance that may actually protect the truly vulnerable: there’s simply a lack of medical evidence to support vaccinating children.

Per their website, the WHO admits that “there is not yet enough evidence on the use of vaccines against COVID-19 in children to make recommendations for children to be vaccinated against COVID-19. Children and adolescents tend to have milder disease compared to adults.”

You mean to tell me that a vaccine which was fast-tracked and approved only under emergency use authorization, which, among other things, protects manufacturers from liability in the case of negative reactions, may need a little more research time before it goes into the veins of our children, forever altering their immune system and mRNA?

For regular people with natural, normal hesitation for this particular vaccine, the recommendation is just good common sense.

The COVID-19 industrial complex would like you to forget about all of that though, and instead remember all of the free food, drugs, and money being given away! Thanks to an irreversible medical procedure with scarce research and that they can’t even legally consent to, kids will finally be pulling their weight and contributing to the family. Cheers, Timmy, for the burgers and beers!

As we’ve come to expect with COVID news, though, the messaging is jumbled and the guidelines are unclear. The Johns Hopkins medical group appears to disagree with the WHO, citing FDA and CDC recommendations as reasons to go ahead and get your healthy teenager jabbed. They try to tug on the heartstrings of parents by warning of mutations and variations that could put the larger community at risk. (Ironically, the “larger” community has been the most at risk with COVID).

Regardless of your politics, putting total faith in the system without asking reasonable questions is bold, especially since your personal health is at stake.

At some point, liberalism stopped embracing its original ethos of individual empowerment. “Do whatever makes you happy” quickly mutated into “do whatever makes us feel better.” That’s a dangerous game to play with human health, especially since people so often face unique challenges that require a personalized approach.

Imagine the horror if you fired up the DeLorean and went back in time to tell a liberal that his/her/zer greatest ally in the fight for humanity one day would be the bloodsucking pharmaceutical industry, fresh off the heels of record profits and ready to raise prices on vaccines soon? And not only are you their customer, but so are your children, all for a virus with an astronomically high survival rate? They would have thrown their quinoa salad in your face and called you crazy.

Liberal media is always chastising any whiff of vaccine hesitancy as a failure to follow the science, but scientific hypotheses have always been rooted in doubt. Don’t let them bully you into feeling guilt for embracing the true tenet of liberalism, which is liberty, especially as it pertains to your children, whom you have a responsibility to protect. Wanting to see more data before making an important decision like a vaccination is akin to participating in the scientific method, not rebuking it. Skepticism based on a lack of evidence is so healthy that even the WHO can’t spin it into a political scheme.

One thing is clear, the illiberal lemmings have formed a stampede and are running frantically in one direction, for better or for worse. Only time will tell if that direction is straight off of a cliff.

Written by TK Sanders


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  1. It’s all been lies. Lie after lie and now they just can’t hide them anymore. They got what they wanted out of it, control. All the stupid lemmings that were mocking us for using our brains, who’s the idiot now.Liberalism is a virus and viruses must eradicated.

  2. It’s certainly true that obesity and the associated conditions (hypertension, heart disease, etc.) along with age are the main risk factors for dying from Covid. This is the major reason why, even with the best health care in the world, the U.S. has had over 600,000 people die. Of course, no one yet knows how many people have really died from directly or indirectly from Covid….we will have to await the “excess” death calculations where deaths in 2020-21 are compared with prior years. .

    Having said that, while exercise is certainly an important component of our obesity crisis, the major problem is our poor eating habits. You really can’t exercise your way out of a bad diet…especially as you get older. While one may not agree with everything in Dr. Gregor’s “How Not to Die” and “How Not to Diet” books, it should be clear that our evolutionary development never prepared us to eat super-sized big Mac, fries, and Cokes. Returning to a more plant-based diet, with whole grains and less meat, sugar, salt, etc. is the way back to better health. We just have to (re)learn how to do that…which is something that should be included in school curriculum, along with PE.

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