Clay Travis: Women’s Sports Will Go Extinct If Men Are Allowed To Compete

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The Left’s misconception of inclusivity will inevitably destroy women’s athletics.

Leading the defense of women’s sports is OutKick founder Clay Travis, whose call for men to stay out of women’s sports, facilities and all other gendered areas has become relevant now more than ever.

And as Clay states, it’s a problem that’ll only get worse over time.

“We are headed toward an era of male biological domination of women’s sports,” Clay said on Wednesday’s OutKick the Show. “Women’s sports are under existential attack.”


“Swimming, cycling, basketball, whatever sports you can think of … eventually the best athletes are going to be men who are identifying as women,” said Clay, noting the effect that transgender swimmer Lia Thomas, cyclist Emily Bridges and other trans competitors are sparking.

As the majority of sports media cowers about calling balls and strikes, Clay has rallied for women’s sports against woke politics.

“The insanity has swept this nation and people won’t even stand up for biology being a reality.

“Men are stronger, bigger, faster than women … allowing men to compete against women is a sham and it is going to create all sorts of broken women’s sports.”

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Written by Alejandro Avila


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  1. Speaking of transgenderism, Clay is doing his impersonation of a hyperbolic teenage girl with this article. I don’t want to see men competing with women in sports they have a distinct physical; advantage, but to suggest women’s sports will collapse over Lia Thomas is silly.

    • Collapse might be a tiny exaggeration, but it is absolutely foreseeable that “women’s” athletics will become “transgender (wo)men’s” athletics. Let’s say two men (identifying as women, yeah, right) join each individual sport. What is the incentive for a (real) woman to always compete knowing that she’ll be third place at best. It’ll lead to fewer women even competing in these sports.

      Think canary in a coal mine, not chicken little 🙂

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