Clay Travis Slams AOC, Says Capitalism Has Lifted More People Out Of Poverty Than ‘Any Created System By Mankind’

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OutKick founder Clay Travis joined Will Cain on Fox and Friends Saturday morning to discuss U.S. Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez‘s recent comments and talk college football from Knoxville.

Recently, the Congresswoman suggested that more immigration is a solution to declining birth rates in the U.S. as people suffer “under the burdens of capitalism.”

But Clay Travis says AOC is an imbecile and her logic is flawed.

“AOC is an Instagram influencer who happened to get elected to Congress,” Clay said. “If capitalism is causing less children to be born, then why are immigrants coming here to a much more capitalistic society and having more children?”

“Here’s what’s going on in the grand scheme of things,” Clay continued. “Capitalism has lifted more people out of poverty than any created system by mankind in our history. It is true that overall, as people are becoming far wealthier in many different industrialized countries, they are having far fewer children. Right. Japan is a perfect example of this. But it’s not about wealth.”

Clay said it isn’t because capitalism is wrong, either.

“We need to have more capitalism to encourage more people to have more wealth so that they feel as if they can raise as many kids as possible,” he said. “We can’t all rely will on Elon Musk to have 100 kids because most people are not going to be as wealthy as he is.”

Clay continued: “Here’s the other thing. I think we end up giving so much more to our kids now in terms of the effort and intensity and amount of time that we spend raising them and the events that we’re taking them to all the time … we’re giving so many resources to our kids. Remember, immigrants are poorer and having more kids, which would run against the counterargument to her here in general.”

When it comes to the SEC division rivalry game this Saturday afternoon?

Clay thinks Tennessee is going to blow Florida out.

“Well, and you can see Knoxville is starting to wake up a little bit behind me,” Clay said. “We’re on the Tennessee River here. And these people have all come in for one heck of a celebration.

Tennessee, which has won one in the last 16 games against Florida over the last 17 years, head into the matchup as the biggest favorite — double digit favorite — that they have ever been in the history of this rivalry.

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