Clay Travis On Novak Djokovic’s Deportation, Australia’s COVID Insanity, Covering Up Case Numbers

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No. 1 ranked men’s tennis player Novak Djokovic will not participate in the 2022 Australian Open — ending his bid for a record 21 Grand Slam titles after the Australian government rejected his visa early Sunday.

OutKick founder Clay Travis joined Full Court Press on Fox to discuss Australia’s week-long impasse after rejecting the Serbian’s medical exemption for being unvaccinated.

Clay discussed how the Australian government has been using the Djokovic story to mask up their own failures when it comes to a COVID-zero policy.

“Ultimately Djokovic made the decision not to be vaccinated and found himself in a really difficult position because of larger Australian political devices. Namely, COVID is skyrocketing in Australia, this country that initially adopted a COVID-zero policy,” Clay said, keeping the government officials accountable for using Djokovic as an underhanded example for all unvaccinated citizens.

Clay added, “The politicians there need to find someone who is a convenient scapegoat to take away attention from the skyrocketing cases. I believe that Djokovic ended up being that scapegoat.”


“As long as everybody was focused on the national drama of whether he was going to play in Australia or not, they didn’t have to acknowledge that every single day Australia has been setting all-time highs in new COVID cases,” Clay noted. “And they didn’t have to acknowledge here locally in our country the fact that Anthony Fauci has pointed out that everyone is going to get the Omicron version of COVID currently sweeping across the nation — whether they are vaccinated or unvaccinated.”

Djokovic departed from Melbourne on Sunday and will ultimately miss the Open’s start on Monday.

“Given the fact that Djokovic recently had COVID, he poses no danger whatsoever to the larger Australian populace. This was about sending a political message about how untenable being unvaccinated is, more so than it was any actual threat that Novak Djokovic brought to bear by being in Australia. After all, he was already there practicing on the court. What he wanted to do was get that 21st overall Grand Slam title to move past [Rafael] Nadal and [Roger] Federer …

“I think the window here, the metaphor, the larger context between Australia and the United States is so utterly fascinating in terms of the way that every country that shares quite a lot of similarities has behaved with COVID. And ultimately, I look at it and say, thank God for federalism.”

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  1. Yes. Thank God for federalism and our Republic. We are not a democracy like our moronic politicians, especially liberals, like to claim. If you don’t know our form of govt, you shouldn’t be able to participate. Same goes for our SC justices who don’t understand that they are no or supposed to make laws.

  2. If the WTA or all of its players had any balls whatsoever they’d be boycotting the tournament until Novak was reinstated. He led a movement and got more money for all of the players. He’s a leader. They should be backing him 1000%. Shows how spineless both the organization and the players are. Even weak ass Nadal said rules are rules in an interview. How self serving was that quote. I tend to remember nazis soldiers giving the excuse that they were just following orders. They couldn’t speak up or go against the higher ups because they would be reprimanded or demoted. We say today that is not a valid excuse. Not should it be. Wrong is wrong. Same goes with following these rules. Is it as bad as what the nazis ended up doing of course not, it isn’t even close but the citizenry and lower rank military didn’t start right off killing Jews. First they ostracized them. Treated them poorly. Snickered at them. Then as time passed the government was able to convince its citizens that the Jews were sub human. If you can convince them that they are disgusting devils then it becomes easy to eventually kill them. My point is that evil and atrocities start small and build gradually until they are mainstream thought. That could happen here. Creating two classes of people, the clean, thoughtful, caring vaccinated and the mean, dirty, selfish unvaccinated. Novak was loved when he’d play in Australia, they treated him like he was a second son. Covid policies made the citizens totally forget the good relationship they had and turned them against him and be very vulgar even wish death in him. Dr. Malone was on to something on Joe Rogan. We are in this hocus pocus delusional state where governments have manipulated their citizenry into becoming very hateful, vengeful and brainwashed. Things are bad Hopefully there are enough good people left that aren’t completely brain dead that won’t stand fir this crap as it get more and more authoritarian.

  3. What happened to Australia? I thought they were the rugged independent folks who boldly enjoyed life and embraced challenge? Instead, they’ve turned into obsequious pearl-clutchers who quickly hand over all their freedoms to pencil neck politicians without raising a finger. They let their elected officials talk to them disrespectfully like they’re a bunch of prisoners. Forget that. Let Australia be a scary example of what happens if we don’t value our freedoms. They will be quickly taken by politicians who think they are gods.

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