Clay Travis: Kamala Harris’ Take On Jan. 6 Just Straight Up Dumb

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Kamala Harris is back at it, creating hyperbole where there need not be any, says OutKick founder Clay Travis.

Harris, whose approval ratings are in the absolute dumps, compared the Jan. 6 Capitol riot to Pearl Harbor and 9/11.

“Honest question, does anyone actually believe this, even the most idiotic left winger on the planet?” Clay tweeted. “This is one of the dumbest historical analogies I have ever seen.”

Thursday marked the one-year anniversary of the riot, prompting Harris and Biden to give their thoughts of dread and despair. Biden, of course, blamed former President Donald Trump.

“For the first time in our history, the president had not just lost an election, he tried to prevent the peaceful transfer of power as a violent mob breached the Capitol,” Biden said in remarks delivered from inside National Statuary Hall in the Capitol. “The insurrection left multiple people dead, scores of police officers injured and a democracy shaken to its core.”

Biden is wisely doing whatever he can to veer attention away from COVID-19, after promising to eradicate the virus during his campaign. Reported cases have instead been on the rise.

“But Joe Biden told me he had a plan for COVID,” OutKick founder Clay Travis tweeted in response to a report that the federal government is powerless to stop the virus. “He was going to follow the science. And mask up. And vaccine it away. And now here we are where the Biden strategy is to, checks headline: ‘hold on and hope the worst is over soon.’”

As for Jan. 6, Harris can’t really be serious about putting it in the same tragic category as Pearl Harbor and 9/11. Or maybe she is serious. And maybe that’s why no one is taking her seriously.

Written by Sam Amico

Sam Amico spent 15 years covering the NBA for Sports Illustrated, FOX Sports and, along with a few other spots, and currently runs his own basketball website on the side,


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  1. Thursday marked the one-year anniversary of the riot, prompting Harris and Biden to give their thoughts of dread and despair. Biden, of course, blamed former President Donald Trump.

    Wait what? Are you saying Donald Trump is not to blame? You people are stupid AF…nowonder you lose national Elections and the GOP looks like an Outkick Staff meeting. You can’t make this stuff up

  2. I looked at my husband a year ago tonight and said – watch them make this the story until the midterms. And here we are… they spent four years running against Trump. Now they’ll spend four running against the mostly peaceful capital protest (in their words, “the deadly insurrection”). Just proves they’re built solely in hate – all that unites them is the desire to ruin the lives of their political opponents (read: or straight white Christians).

  3. Just “ginning up” their not insignificant Lunatic Fringe to create mass hysteria prior to their desperate blitz to ram through their Legalize Wholesale Voter Fraud bill.
    Hang On Sloopy … It’s gonna get kinda scary in the months to come …

  4. Kamala is what happens when the Dems decided to actually lift up and appoint their own lesser qualified & less competent version of Sarah Palin.

    Sad but I think everyone would take Sarah Palin right now over Harris…. and Biden (remember when she went toe to toe with him in a VP Debate before he lost what marbles remained?).

    Atleast we know her kids are not doing backdoor dealings on a laptop with Russia, Ukraine or China while smoking crack & selling paintings for $400K.

  5. Only one person was killed by someone else at the Big Insurrection: an unarmed small female Trump supporter named Ashley Babbitt was shot in the back, murdered by an incompetent (black) police officer with a history of negligence who will never be held accountable because it would run counter to the Narrative.

    Pearl Harbor, 9/11, Holocaust… Jan 6…. really?

  6. A factor that Kamala did not take into account ….. 79% of “Dem base” has no clue what “Pearl Harbor” refers to. … NONE of “Dem base” under 25 has a clueless what “9/11” means.

    Their general ignorance of American History does have its advantages.

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