Clay Travis, Howard Stern, The View, All Agree. No, Really

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Clay Travis, Howard Stern and the ladies from The View all walk into a room and…get along!

Alright, let’s be real. That’s not happening anytime soon. Or ever. And it’s certainly not happening unless they’re all masked, vaxxed and quarantined inside of Howard’s Hampton hideout.

But at least for one day, Stern, the hosts of The View and the new King of All Media (that’s Clay, by the way) agreed on one of the biggest talking points in America today: the Will Smith/Chris Rock incident at the Oscars.

All parties practically cried out in unison that Smith was out of line and may need some serious help.

“You cannot walk onto a stage and strike someone – an act of physical violence – over what that person said. Should be unacceptable,” Travis, OutKick’s founder, said late Wednesday. “I believe Will Smith should be charged with a crime, even if the punishment is not likely to be severe. Just to send the message that what he did was totally unacceptable.”

Travis wasn’t alone. Stern took the side of Chris Rock as well.

“Poor Chris Rock is a comedian and just trying to get through the day to make the f—ing people laugh at that horrible ceremony,” Stern said earlier this week via his SiriusXM show.

“That horrible ceremony”? Maybe there’s hope for unity between Left and Right yet.

Meanwhile, on Monday, View co-host Sunny Hostin uttered similar sentiments, and her female colleagues nodded along.

“I thought Chris was the one that deserved an apology for taking the high road. He was slapped in front of millions of people internationally, and he took the high road in his response,” said Hostin. “I think that Will was immature. I think he was childish, and I think he was violent.”

Travis didn’t miss the happy coincidence.

“This may be the first time in modern history that I’ve agreed with The View and with Howard Stern, on Will Smith. And they’ve agreed with me as well,” Travis joked.

As it turns out, Will Smith didn’t just strike Chris Rock on Sunday. He also managed to slap some sense into some of the most out-of-touch talking heads in the country. Let’s celebrate the harmony while it lasts.

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Written by Anthony Farris


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  1. The fact any of you are even commenting on it is embarrassing in the first place. Lol such an obvious distraction from the absolute chaos ensuing everywhere right now and 100% meant to get you all talking about the Oscars which has no audience. Congrats the establishment got all of you guys AGAIN.

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