Clay Travis: ‘Child Abuse’ To Send Kids To School In Masks

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California’s mask mandates are as phony as LA Mayor Eric Garcetti’s excuses. As noted by OutKick founder Clay Travis, the Cali-phony-cation was on display during last night’s Super Bowl LVI.

The hypocrisy will fully set in today, when children in CA and elsewhere across the country return to school in masks, as required by local or state mandate. As Travis sees it, this is a blatant act of child abuse.

“Over 100 million people just watched a totally normal Super Bowl in a packed indoor LA stadium of 75,000 fans with almost no one in a mask,” tweeted Travis. “How does any parent in the country send their kids to school in a mask tomorrow? It’s child abuse.”

Rules for thee, not for me was out in full force amongst the Cali elite. And Los Angeles’ most notorious breath-holder, Garcetti, was along for the ride.

Contrary to the rhetoric from the left, there was a (ridiculous and largely ignored) mask mandate at the Super Bowl. However, the overwhelming number of fans who attended the game, especially celebrities, did not wear a mask. Their actions have caused the mask brigade to back peddle more quickly than any defensive back did on Sunday.

“There was a mask mandate in place for the game & all celebrities ignored it,” Travis tweeted in response to one of the back-peddling whiners. “Parents with kids at schools should do the same.”

As Travis noted, all those celebs must’ve been holding their breath throughout the entire Super Bowl, which last almost four hours.

On a positive note, schools today will have a relevant example to use to demonstrate the meaning of both hypocrisy and child abuse.


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Written by Anthony Farris

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