Clay Travis: Canadian PM Justin Trudeau Has Gone Absolutely Mad

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American politicians will scream to the high heavens over white supremacy lurking in the U.S., yet look the other way when an unabashed dictatorship manifests north of the border.

As the Canadian truckers’ protest rolls forward in a fight for freedom, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau is flexing punishment upon citizens that chose to revolt against their infallible government.

OutKick founder Clay Travis discussed the major international storyline that the leftist media in America is ignoring. Clay contends that Trudeau is on the precipice of enforcing full-blown dominion.

“Justin Trudeau has become a dictator in Canada,” Clay says. “It’s time for him to go. Anyone supporting him is in favor of autocracy; is in favor of authoritarianism; is in favor of left-wing dictatorships.”

“It’s happening right now in Canada as we speak,” Clay adds, “and most people in the media are completely silent about it because Justin Trudeau is a leftist. Justin Trudeau is calling Jewish members of the opposing party supporters of Nazism. He is saying that if you don’t agree with his taking of martial law, that you align with people that support Hitler.”

En route to moral bankruptcy, Trudeau is shifting toward overseeing citizens’ banking accounts and threatening the safety of their pets in order to gain compliance.

“They’re seizing bank accounts in Canada over this Canadian truck protest.”

Clay adds, “The city of Ottawa is even threatening to seize the truckers’ pets. In eight days, if you haven’t reclaimed your pets, they are going to relinquish them to others, putting them at risk of being euthanized.

“Canada is making American politics seem sane. Canada has lost its mind.”

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Written by Alejandro Avila


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  1. Yup and who’s going to do anything about it. According to polls in Canada, 65% of Canadians believe it’s ok to freeze the truckers bank accounts and take their property. If that’s true Canada’s fucked.

    • I’m not believing those numbers, but that might be the case in Ottawa which is as crazy as Washington DC; that said, they need to eat in Ottawa, and they need someone to bring the food in. Something to think about: The major cities in California bring all the food in by truck, if the supply was ever interrupted for more than three days there would be looting and pillaging like we’ve never witnessed.

      • I find that hard to believe, the 65% number. No way that many could feel that way. The Canadian Convoy is inspiring convoys all over the world. The Rise of The Citizen for modern times is upon is.

        Btw, I live in California and have two shipments of Patriot Supply(about 6 weeks of food), just in case.

  2. To stop all this, all Lord Farquaad has to do is drop the vax and mask mandates. Pretty simple ask from straightforward people. This isn’t an insurrection or white nationalist uprising. These people have peacefully asked for one single thing, and he simply won’t do it. He won’t even acknowledge the ask, which is disrespectful and arrogant. Canada is in serious danger from this nut.

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