Clay Travis: Beto O’Rourke ‘An Absolute Embarrassment’ For Ill-Timed Gun Control Stunt

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Former Texas Rep. Beto O’Rourke crafted a political stunt on Wednesday, advocating for gun control as citizens were still grieving over the Robb Elementary School shooting in Uvalde, Texas.

As Governor Greg Abbott delivered a briefing on the aftermath of Tuesday’s incident, O’Rourke, an anti-Second Amendment radical, rushed in front of cameras to interrupt the governor and promulgate his anti-gun rhetoric — hoping his platform could benefit from the tragedy.

OutKick founder dug into O’Rourke’s calloused political stunt on Wednesday’s episode of OutKick the Show.

Clay called Beto “an absolute embarrassment” and predicted that Abbott will crush O’Rourke based on the Democrat’s radical attempts to call for gun confiscation, especially on the cusp of the Uvalde tragedy.

“What is not a productive discussion is deciding that the government is going to take away all the guns,” Clay stated.

“There’s the whole Second Amendment to deal with, so if you want to argue that we need to repeal the Second Amendment, that’s a political move that you could potentially try to follow. I don’t think you have a very good chance of making that a reality,” Clay said.

“What Beto is doing is frankly an absolute embarrassment,” he added.


“It’s why he’s never going to win a race in Texas. It’s why Governor Greg Abbott is going to destroy him in November. …

“Imagine you’re a parent, and you’re trying to listen to the governor give the latest updates about what happened and how your children ended up losing their lives and then Beto grandstands inside of that press conference …

“It’s an embarrassment; frankly, if Beto wants to have a press conference, he can call one anywhere, and I’m sure the media will show up and be involved.

“The fact that he would show up in that situation at that point in time and force himself to be escorted out of the press conference that is giving us details about the 19 kids that lost their lives is flat-out outrageous, and an embarrassment and further example of what is happening all too often: immediately after an incident happens, it’s immediately made political.

“It’s embarrassing how quickly the politics and the narrative is put in place here.”

Written by Alejandro Avila


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  1. Robert Francis is not a elected official in Texas nor was he invited to be on the stage he performed like a look at me pussy with no decorum for the pain and suffering that at this point is still in the shock stage.Perhaps his father in law who pays for his string of failed political aspirations will finally be embarrassed and stop enabling him.

  2. Hold a press conference and tell the people what you would do to stop these events from happening, if you have the answers. This was a desperate, and disastrously political, move to boost his flailing campaign.

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