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If quarterback Sam Darnold sticks with the New York Jets, it won’t be because other teams aren’t interested.

“Eight teams have called the Jets,” Sports Illustrated’s Albert Breer told Clay Travis on OutKick the Show. “That’s a quarter of the league that’s inquiring about Sam Darnold.”

Breer surmised that the Jets could get a second-round draft pick and another late-round pick for Darnold. The San Francisco 49ers could be one of those teams, given that they are coached by Kyle Shanahan, who is often credited with helping kickstart Ryan Tannehill’s career.

“Some team may look at (Darnold) and say, ‘We’re gonna get cheaper, we’re gonna get younger, and we have two full years to look at him and decide if he’s part of the future,'” Breer said. “He’s going to cost a whole lot less than some of the guys who are out there on the market.”

That led Clay to ask about the 49ers’ situation with Jimmy Garoppolo.

“I think the Niners do like Jimmy Garoppolo more than it seems at times,” Breer said. “But philosophically, I know the way they look at this is, ‘If there’s an upgrade out there at any position, we have to look at it.’

“Whether or not Sam Darnold represents that, I can’t tell you. You would think if Deshaun Watson were to become available, maybe that would be the guy. They’re in a real good spot with a quarterback they’re happy with, but the flexibility to kind of pull the rip chord whenever they need.”

Deshaun Watson of the Houston Texans has been part of the rumor mill all offseason, but that can be a complicated topic.

“Watson’s unpredictable,” Breer told Clay. “We know how Watson feels and know what he’s said. At least the word that’s gotten out from his camp — that he feels like he’s done in Houston. The Texans, for their part, have basically stonewalled any sort of overtures for Watson. In fact, I’ve talked to a couple teams that have called (the Texans), and the answer they got was, ‘You can ask about anyone but the quarterback.’ So until something changes, it’s hard to say.”

Not to be outdone, Russell Wilson and the Seattle Seahawks could also be headed for a split.

“To me, there’s so much history there between the player and the team. I would say this, I think he has signed his last contract with Seattle,” Breer predicted. “I think to change that, the Seahawks would have to be convinced that we’re not going to be dealing with year-to-year drama. And because of his contract, that’s kind of what they’re set up with. … So I do believe this will be his last contract with Seattle. I’m just not sure they’re at the breaking point where they’re willing to go back out and look for another quarterback.”

Listen to the complete interview with Breer and about all things NFL on OutKick the Show below.

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