C.J. Perry Willing To Shut Down Her Exclusive Content Site To Return To The WWE

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C.J. Perry, aka Lana, really wants to return to the WWE. She’s made this clear on multiple occasions. Most recently she said she would go against what Mandy Rose chose to do and shut down her exclusive content site in order to rejoin the organization.

Perry has stayed busy since her release from the WWE more than a year ago by becoming a real estate mogul, getting into reality TV, and creating content for her subscription-based website. As was the case for Rose, the decision to get into the exclusive content game has been a lucrative one for her.

C.J. Perry WWE
CJ Perry attends Build Presents to discuss “Total Diva’s” (Photo by Laura Cavanaugh/FilmMagic)

Unlike Rose, Perry would leave all of the money generated from her exclusive content behind to get back into the ring for the WWE. She made the revelation on a an appearance of The Bailey Show.

Perry first admitted that she’s making more money now than she ever did in the WWE. She said, “My last couple of years in WWE, I had an incredible and very lucrative contract that I had worked very hard and long for, which was an incredible blessing that I’m thankful for.”

“Even on CJPerry.com, in the last six months, I’ve grossed more than I did in my highest-paying WWE contract. I’m thankful for that. In the business that we’re in and the times that we’re in, you have to capitalize on everything because you don’t know how long it’s going to last,” she continued.

“Instagram from 2010 to 2014, you grew much faster. 2017, 18, 19, you could get all these deals on Instagram, super high-paying deals. It’s not like that anymore. Things are always changing and evolving so quickly. You have to seize the moment because it might be gone tomorrow.”

C.J. Perry Really Wants Back In The WWE

It sounds like seizing the moment for Perry means running back to the WWE as fast as she can should they come calling. Perry went on to admit that she would shut down her website and wrestle for free.

“I’m a big believer in saying, ‘Yes.’ I’m blessed to have this opportunity, but I would always return to wrestling. If WWE were to call me tomorrow and be like, ‘we want you back,’ it’s not about the money,” she said. “I would shut the site down and go back because WWE is one of the greatest franchises in the world. Life is not just about money, you have to do what you love.”

“There is nothing in the world like wrestling and if the opportunity was right for me to return and tell compelling stories and burn the house down, I’ll come back and do it for free.”

Saying you’ll return for free isn’t the best negotiating tactic. But fans probably wouldn’t mind seeing Perry doing her thing in the ring again. There’s no monthly subscription fee for that.

When asked directly to confirm if she was willing to shut down CJPerry.com to return to the WWE, she replied, “Absolutely.”

Written by Sean Joseph

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