Chris Pratt Gets Why Fans Didn’t Like Him Being Cast As Mario… Aside From The Whole Not Really Sounding Like Mario Part

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Chris Pratt says that he totally understands why fans weren’t thrilled when it was announced that he would be providing the voice of the world’s most famous Italian plumber.

No, not him. We’re talking about Mario, of Super Mario Bros. fame.

Pratt was announced as the voice of Mario a few years ago. However, it was when the trailer for the upcoming film, The Super Mario Bros. Movie, that fans who were at first skeptical, felt like their reservations about the decision were justified.

Yes, I’m aware that this was a reaction to a movie geared toward children, but this was the reaction.

And you know what? Pratt himself isn’t mad that a bunch of nerds think he sucks at doing Mario’s voice. He gets it.

“Oh, I totally get it, man,” he told Gizmodo. “There’s a passionate fan base, and I’m one of the fans. I get it.

“Mostly, people don’t want something like this to get screwed up.”

Mario Bros.
Nothing throws nerds into a blind rage quite like messing with a game they played as a kid. (Photo by Noam Galai/Getty Images for Nintendo, Illumination Entertainment, and Universal Pictures)

Pratt Doesn’t Really Sound Like Mario, But What’s Up With All The Nerd Rage?

Anytime a movie is based on something people like as kids come out something like this happens. It’s the reason Sonic the Hedgehog had to go back to the drawing board and get his creepy human teeth fixed.

I get that Chris Pratt doesn’t sound a whole lot like Mario. Mario has a voice in most peoples’ minds, and Pratt’s ain’t it.

Still. to quote former Philadelphia Flyers netminder Ilya Bryzgalov: “It’s only game; why you heff to be mad?

Pratt’s co-star, Charlie Day — who voices Mario’s brother Luigi in the new flick — offered a hypothesis for why a kids’ movie can garner this kind of reaction from adults.

“When you think about what a video game does for people, it is a place to escape to,” he explained. “So people would go after maybe having a tough day at school or in your work life, whatever it is, you put on Super Mario Bros., you play for an hour and you just disappear into that land and that world.

“So in many ways, the game had taken care of people, I think, in a way that they don’t want the franchise messed up at all.”

I liked video games when I was a kid too,

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