Boxer Wears Body Paint For Weigh-In, Announces OnlyFans Collab With Elle Brooke: VIDEO

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Boxer Cherneka Johnson put on a show during her Friday weigh-in.

The boxer from New Zealand will step into the ring Saturday against Ellie Scotney to trade punches, but she managed to generate plenty of attention a full day before the fight even goes down.

Weigh-in ceremonies are often used to promote fights, gin up attention and get people interested so they buy a PPV event.

People doing crazy stuff isn’t new. Elle Brooke famously wore a bikini and crushed a chicken sandwich ahead of a fight.

Cherneka Johnson rocks body paint during weigh-in.

Well, if you thought a bikini and a chicken sandwich was a solid way to go viral, Cherneka Johnson definitely took things to a new level.

The star boxer showed up to her weigh-in Friday not wearing a top…..but wearing body paint that sported OnlyFans on it, instead! Yes, you read that sentence correctly. She had OnlyFans body paint on as a top.

You can check it out below!

(Editor’s note: Be aware Johnson is wearing body paint in the video below)

Johnson vows to team up with Elle Brooke.

Just in case it’s not already clear what Johnson’s intention is, she’s trying to hype up her OnlyFans partnership.

Shortly before the weigh-in, she shared an Instagram video announcing the partnership and promising an upcoming collaboration with Elle Brooke.

Cherneka Johnson reveals upcoming Elle Brooke collab. She also weighed in wearing just body paint. (Photo by Mikey Williams/Top Rank Inc via Getty Images)

There are solid ways to get attention, and then there’s showing up to a boxing match weigh-in wearing OnlyFans body paint right after announcing an upcoming collaboration with Elle Brooke.

I believe that’s what the kids refer to as breaking the internet.

Cherneka Johnson announces upcoming OnlyFans collab with Elle Brooke. (Photo by Paul Archuleta/Getty Images)

Cherneka Johnson has a career boxing record of 15-1. She’s definitely not just some random person trying to get into the fight game.

She’s the real deal, and has now decided she wants to also try her hand at OnlyFans. If that’s the route Cherneka Johnson is going down, there’s probably no better teammate than Elle Brooke.

The latter recently made it clear to Piers Morgan she’s swimming in cash thanks to her online content.

Whether she wins in the ring Saturday or not against Ellie Scotney, it’s clear Cherneka Johnson won the internet going into the weekend.

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