Charrisa Thompson Puts Grape In A Body Bag During Heated Jelly Debate With Erin Andrews

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Things got toasty with Charissa Thompson and Erin Andrews when jelly flavors were brought up during a recent podcast. And it’s grape that came out smeared, though not on either of the hosts’ breakfast.

Thompson, who hosts Thursday Night Football on Amazon Prime, and Andrews, a Fox Sports sideline reporter, cohost the Calm Down podcast.

During a recent episode, the ladies were all jammed up about the spread. And it had nothing to do with NFL playoff wagers.

“Strawberry or grape jelly? I actually don’t care. I’m not choosy on this,” said Andrews.

Little did she know, her cohost’s opinion of grape jelly has about the same approval rating as Chris Rock’s jokes to Will Smith.

“Oh, I hate grape,” said a clearly shook Thompson.

Who the hell needs Stephen A. and First Take when we’ve got heated jelly debates downloadable to our phones?

Erin Andrews and Charissa Thompson debated jelly flavors. Grape didn’t fare well.

Charissa Thompson Piles On Grape

As the debate carried on, Thompson continued her assault on grape. She pointed out that the purple stuff usually sits alone at restaurants.

*Side note – why don’t we ever see green grape jelly? There’s green grapes right? Yet, purple has the jelly market locked up.

“Whenever you go to a restaurant for breakfast, the grape is always the one that’s left,” said Thompson. “The Concord grape is always left in those little peel back things.”

Charissa Thompson did not have grape in her jelly power rankings. (Photo by Cooper Neill/Getty Images).

True pros that they are, Thompson and Andrews recognized the moment, and quickly pivoted into jelly power rankings.

If ever there were a time for Clark W. Griswold to offer his opinions on Jelly of the Month Club flavors, this was that time.

And if you thought the grape slander was bad, cover your eyes and ears for the mixed fruit character assassination.

Trust me.

“I’m looking for a raspberry number one on the power rankings,” insisted Thompson. “Strawberry (number two).

“Eww. I can’t do any of the citrus flavors.”

And that’s where Andrews stepped in to tag-team mixed fruit.

“The mixed fruit one that’s always left – I don’t want that,” Andrews pointed out. “Why are you putting that on my tray?”

Grape Jelly Takes One Last Shot From Charissa Thompson

As Andrews took a knife to mixed fruit, Thompson jumped at the opportunity to take one last swipe at grape, effectively ending any thought of the jam shaking its way back into Charissa’s good graces.

“I can’t do the grape, the mixed fruit, or the citrus,” Charissa Thompson added.

“Strawberry or raspberry. Give it to me all day.”

RIP Grape jelly 1918 – 2023.

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Written by Anthony Farris

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