Charles Barkley Jokes about Zion’s Weight — Again

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The Round Mound of Rebound has weighed in on the latest from Zion Williamson.

That’s right, former NBA great and current Inside the NBA cohost Charles Barkley gave a good-natured critique of the New Orleans Pelicans youngster in the way only Charles Barkley can:

“[If] they were getting ready to give me $200 million, I would be the skinniest power forward in the history of civilization.”

No disrespect to the legendary power forwards of Ancient Rome and Greece, but he’s likely right. Though his weight has fluctuated throughout the years, Barkley has always been able to trim his waistline whenever he’s put in his mind to it.

Just over a year ago, he supposedly lost nearly fifty pounds in preparation for his daughter’s wedding:

Though now that the wedding has come and gone, it appears that Barkley went back to his former ways. But that didn’t keep him from commenting on Zion’s size last November.

Zion “looks like me and Shaq had a baby,” Barkley joked at the time.

Meanwhile, as OutKick’s Gary Sheffield says, Zion “can’t catch a break.” Zion has had to rehab his foot yet again this year, so he likely hasn’t been able to focus on getting back in shape.

The Pelicans haven’t given up on him yet though. According to Brian Windhorst of ESPN, owner Gayle Benson will take “a football-style, Saints-style mentality with this contract negotiation [with Zion]. They will offer him a huge contract but will not guarantee all of it.”

Which makes sense since Benson also happens to own the Saints and is well-versed in their preferred contract negotiation style.

So, Zion, the former first overall pick, is once again likely headed for a big payday in NOLA, despite his struggles with injuries. Now, if only he’d lay off the big PayDays…


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