Chargers Fans Fighting Inside SoFi Stadium Is Tame Compared To The Guy Being Thrown Off A Bridge Outside The Stadium

Imagine a multi-person stadium brawl at the Chiefs-Chargers game being tame compared to the action after the game when a fan was thrown off a bridge outside SoFi Stadium.

That’s exactly where we’re at this week as more and more videos come out showing brawls during Sunday’s game — most appear to be Charger on Charger fan violence.

In the latest video obtained by TMZ, at least three guys throw bombs at each other for 30 seconds. As was the case with the fan being thrown off a bridge, fans who witnessed the stadium brawl say that security didn’t bother to check on the situation.

Let’s go to the footage inside SoFi:

As OutKick first reported Tuesday, a fan was thrown over a bridge outside SoFi after the game. In that incident, the witness who shot the video said that police didn’t seem interested in criminal charges.

Suddenly things changed late Tuesday once the Los Angeles media got on the phone with local police who now say they’re investigating.

That’s good. It’s probably best if NFL fans can attend a game where fan fights are simply fists flying and not a situation where people have to worry if they’ll be thrown off a bridge during an altercation.

Let’s all do better.

Fan thrown off bridge Chargers game
A fan is thrown off a bridge outside SoFi Stadium after Sunday’s Chiefs-Chargers game. / Twitter

Written by Joe Kinsey

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