Chad Kelly Makes Sure Everybody Eats During Hilarious TD Celebration After Completing Unbelievable Throw While Getting Crushed

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Chad Kelly isn’t selfish, he wants everybody to eat! The 29-year-old quarterback made sure of it during another dominant performance in the Canadian Football League on Friday.

Kelly is undefeated in his first year as the starter for Toronto. The Argonauts, as reigning Grey Cup champions, are 5-0 and sit atop the Eastern Division Standings. They have scored the second-most points in the league (three shy of Winnipeg) and show no signs of slowing down.

Their quarterback has been crucial to their success, and he’s poised to make a lot of money through incentives if his strong start continues throughout the rest of the regular season.

Kelly has completed 71.7% of his 127 pass attempts for 1,408 yards and seven touchdowns with three interceptions. He is also the team’s second-leading rusher with 18 carries for 108 yards and five scores.

Although Kelly has completely multiple highlight reel-worthy throws through the first five weeks of the year, none were more impressive than the one on Friday. It went down on the very first drive of the game.

Chad Kelly has a ridiculous arm.

Kelly came out slinging and unleashed a bomb — that was right on the money — while getting smacked from his blind side. His receiver also made an incredible one-handed catch to really tie it all together.

The throw and catch looked not dissimilar to the most insane play of Kelly’s entire career during a win over Alabama in Tuscaloosa. It wasn’t exactly the same, and the throw on Friday may have actually been better, but the two plays are both examples of what Kelly does best — gets things done.

I mean, seriously. Somehow, a pass was completed on this play:

Chad Kelly doing Chad Kelly things
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Just ridiculous.

Later, in the fourth quarter, Kelly punched one in from two yards out on the QB sneak.

To celebrate, he and his teammates gathered in the end zone and sat criss-cross applesauce in a circle. From there, they passed around the food and drink. Everybody left full with their thirsts quenched.

When Kelly is leading the offense, everybody is going to eat. And with the NFL season right around the corner, teams in the States should take notes on the touchdown celebration!

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