Beer Breweries Are Getting Crushed By A Massive Shortage Of One Key Ingredient

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A carbon dioxide shortage is wreaking havoc on the beer brewing industry.

Due to a massive shortage of carbon dioxide, craft breweries are struggling to produce crispy, cold beer at a rate consumers have come to expect, and at least one has had to shut down, according to NBC News.

The pandemic causing disruptions, contamination at a carbon dioxide producing facility in Mississippi and “key facilities” going down for maintenance have all played big roles in the shortage, according to the same report.

Carbon dioxide shortage causing problems in the beer industry. (Photo by Peter Macdiarmid/Getty Images)

It now appears that the situation has spiraled downward into the perfect storm to cause chaos in the microbrewery game.

There are very few things all Americans should be able to unite behind, and keeping the beer flowing is right at the top of the list.

Beer industry hit by carbon dioxide shortage. (Photo credit should read TOBIAS HASE/DPA/AFP via Getty Images)

Republican, Democrat or independent, odds are you enjoy a cold beer from time to time if you’re reading this.

That’s why this crisis is so grave. It impacts people across the entire spectrum!

What kind of impact is the carbon dioxide shortage having on America? (Photo by George Marks/Retrofile/Getty Images)

If America can’t even produce beer at a consistent rate, then we’re really lost as a nation. It’s truly that simple.

Beer industry struggling with carbon dioxide shortage. (Photo by Jonathan Daniel/Getty Images)

I don’t know what President Biden and the government has to do in order to get the carbon dioxide flowing, but green light it immediately!

Written by David Hookstead

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