Books And Brews: Milwaukee Giving Free Suds To Teachers

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“School’s Out!” – Two simple words that, when combined, send teachers across the US into a euphoric state. A close second would be the phrase “Free Beer!”. If you’re a teacher in Milwaukee this summer, you’ll have the opportunity to experience both. If that’s not enough, should you find yourself overserved, at least you won’t have to worry about getting up for school the next morning to explain Common Core math.

The Milwaukee Journal Sentinel reports that one of Milwaukee’s craft breweries, Third Space Brewing, is starting a beer fund for teachers that will run through August 31st. Third Space’s program will give customers the opportunity to “purchase a beer” for a teacher. When a patron decides to donate (in person or online), the money will go into a “beer fund”. Through June 11th, the brewery will match every donation. Customers can contribute until the program commences.

Educators can start partaking in their freebies this Friday. With credentials proving you are an actual teacher and not a Ned Schneebly imposter, teachers will receive one free $6 or $7 pint with each visit.

Co-founders Andy Gehl and Kevin Wright, who’s wives coincidentally are teachers, commented on the free beer program in a news release: “This year, we really wanted to do something special for them because it has been such a challenging year from virtual school to hybrid school, to putting themselves at risk in the classroom,” Said Gehl.

Wright added: “We know firsthand how hard our teachers have worked this past year, and we wanted to do something fun to support them this summer.”

Common Core won’t be needed to explain that free + beer – school = happy teachers.

Written by Anthony Farris


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    • You got it, dj lol. MPS shut down in 2019 and stayed closed the rest of the school year thru mid-2020. And they didn’t re-open in school classes til late March 2021. So teachers haven’t been in their buildings in almost 2 years. Huh.

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