Canelo Alvarez Threatens Lionel Messi For ‘Disrespecting’ Mexico In World Cup Locker-Room Video

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Canelo Alvarez is trying to act like a tough guy toward Lionel Messi by accusing the Argentinian of disrespecting Mexico at the World Cup. Although the video that has Alvarez upset doesn’t seem to have all that much in it.

Messi and Argentina defeated Alvarez’s home country of Mexico, 2-0, in the World Cup over the weekend. As is customary after the final whistle, Messi exchanged jerseys with a Mexican player. Video from inside the locker room of the Argentinians celebrating the win showed Messi ‘kick’ the Mexico jersey on the floor.

Alvarez took extreme exception to the clip of Messi “cleaning the floor” with the Mexico jersey.

“He should ask God that I don’t find him,” the boxer tweeted in response to the clip.

Messi was simply taking his cleat off when he clearly unintentionally moved the Mexico jersey with his foot. By no means does it look like Messi was trying to show any disrespect.

Canelo Picks A Pointless Fight With Messi

Former Argentinian teammate Sergio Aguero came to the defense of Messi after Alvarez’s threat went viral on social media.

“Mr. Canelo, don’t go finding excuses or creating trouble, certainly you don’t know soccer or what happens in a locker room,” Aguero said on Twitter. “The shirts are always on the floor after a match as they are sweaty.”

Spanish international Cesc Fabregas echoed Aguero’s sentiments on Twitter as well.

Alvarez was clearly upset after watching Mexico lose in Qatar and was looking to create something out of nothing with Messi.

Messi scored in the 64th minute against Mexico and has Argentina sitting second in Group C with one match remaining in the group stage.

Written by Mark Harris

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