Cam Newton Attempts To Clarify His Views On Women

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In a new video on his YouTube page, Cam Newton is speaking out on his controversial statements on women and he’s insisting that he’s not sexist after saying during an interview that women should know how to cook and “when to be quiet.”

The free-agent quarterback says he should have been less abrasive with his comments and there should have been a clarification when he made the comments in the first place. Saying he was recently “scrutinized” and “bashed” and taken completely out of context, the NFL vet launched into his defense.

Noting that he was essentially saying “you can’t expect so much from a person and give so little,” Newton added that “I should have said on top of what I also said and mentioned that not only should a woman know when to be quiet, a man also should know when to be quiet.”

Cam Newton is now trying to clarify his views on women and how they should know “when to be quiet.” / MILLION DOLLAZ WORTH OF GAME / Barstool Sports

There was more from Newton who was in the mood to ease the tension between himself and the females who felt disrespected. Travis Kelce’s girlfriend Kayla Nicole was one of those women who spoke out publicly over the quarterback’s comments and called him a “bozo” for his takes.

“Whether it’s being whatever you need to be as a human being — man or female — you should be that. And, I think not going into depth like I should have, cost me,” Newton continued.

Newton concluded by saying he’d like for talking heads to credit him for giving back to the community and taking full responsibility for his children instead of twisting his comments into something to make him look bad.

The rambling video rolled on with Cam insisting again that he’s not sexist.

“I got daughters,” he noted. “When the day comes when my daughters look back and say, ‘Damn dad, what did you really mean about that,’ I’m not going to cower away and say ‘well, that just got threw out of context.'”

And there you have it, Cam smoothing over the rough edges.

Or not.

Written by Joe Kinsey

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