Cam Akers Responds To Being Benched By Rams, Sean McVay

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Los Angeles Rams RB Cam Akers is just as confused by his healthy scratch today as everyone else.

The former FSU star has apparently been benched by Sean McVay after a pretty solid Week 1, with the Rams officially making his inactive just minutes ago.

Kyren Williams will presumably be the starting RB moving forward, with Jay Glazer reporting this morning Akers could be on the trade block.

Apparently, it’s all news to Akers, too!

Cam Akers and the Rams appear done

He is blessed, though. At least Cam has that going for him.

Pretty shocking development out in LA, but I’m not that surprised. I think Sean McVay just hates Cam Akers. Don’t really know what else to say at this point. Wasn’t it like a year ago when everyone thought the two sides were headed toward a divorce? Weird.

Choosing Kyren Williams over Akers is a choice, but it seems like one the Rams have officially made. And Akers — coming off the injury last season — was actually pretty good down the stretch when nobody was paying attention to the terrible Rams anymore.

But something has evidently transpired behind the scenes between Akers, McVay and the organization. Speaking as an Akers fantasy owner, I’m pretty pissed, too!

At this point, I’m just hoping he gets traded to a team that will actually use him. My other fantasy RB — JK Dobbins — isn’t doing too well this year, either.

Good start to Team Dean’s 2023 fantasy season!

Written by Zach Dean

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