Caitlin Clark’s Character On Full Display As Iowa Star Refuses NIL Money From Charitable Cause

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Caitlin Clark is a superstar. Iowa’s high-scoring, sharp-shooting, smack-talking guard has blossomed into a household name over the course of the last three years, but her popularity has skyrocketed throughout the 2023 Women’s NCAA Tournament.

She out-scored the Hawkeyes football team in 2022 during just eight postseason games this spring and continues to talk her talk while dominating every opponent in her path, no matter how big or small. Clark has yet to be stopped and led Iowa to its first-ever national championship appearance.

Clark is arguably the best pure shooter in college basketball history. Certainly on the women’s side.

As such, her brand is more popular than ever. And in the NIL era, that popularity can be lucrative.

Clark is only a junior, so she can’t enter the WNBA Draft until 2024. She’ll be back at Iowa next season and is in a legitimate position to make more money during her senior year than she would as a pro. In fact, it is likely that Clark will out-earn her WNBA contract through NIL opportunities.

However, money is not everything to Clark. Her most notable NIL deal is a great testament to her character.

Caitlin Clark refused pay from a charitable organization.

When NIL first became legal in July of 2021, local food bank director John Boller decided to overlook the football team and turn to Clark. The Coralville Community Food Pantry needed help with its efforts to feed the hungry and Boller thought that the Iowa hooper was the best fit.

I kind of surveyed our options and I was like, Iowa is a good football program, but personally, I’ve been a huge Iowa women’s basketball fan for a long time now, so it was a no-brainer. It was clear that (Clark) was the biggest name at that time in any type of Iowa sport. And now today, she’s one of the biggest names in all of basketball, which is really, really exciting.

— John Boller, via The Athletic

According to The Athletic, Boller reached out to Clark through her uncle with the intention of paying for her endorsement. Clark respectfully declined any compensation and insisted on helping for free.

She even came up with the idea to hold an in-person donation drive. Anyone who brought a personal care item to the food bank got to take a picture with Clark. For free. As a volunteer, not a paid partner through NIL.

Clark also helped in fundraising efforts for the food bank during March Madness.

The efforts raised $23,000 in its first month, with $16,000 in its first week alone. Clark didn’t accept a single penny.

Boller could not be more grateful for Clark. She has helped the food pantry in unthinkable ways without thinking twice about financial compensation. It’s all out of the goodness of her heart!

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