Eli Apple Turns Out The Lights On Stefon Diggs, Blasts Bills WR In Elite Tweets

Eli Apple is putting on a Pro-Bowl-worthy performance against Stefon Diggs, albeit a day late.

Following the Cincinnati Bengals’ total stomp of the Buffalo Bills Sunday afternoon, the veteran cornerback and elite trash-talker hopped on Twitter Monday to keep crushing the Bills wideout.

Now, Diggs has been known as a hot-head in his own way, whether on or off the field.

After getting heated at Bills QB Josh Allen on Sunday as Buffalo stared at a depressing postseason exit, Diggs went on Twitter to explain his frustrations.

“It’s easy to criticize my reaction more than the result,” Diggs tweeted, hoping to brush off some of the criticism he’s received for digging a new low in his relationship with Allen.

Eli Apple was all out of respect when he caught Diggs’ tweet, telling him to have a pleasant early trip to Cancun now that he’s been eliminated from the playoffs.

“Cancun on 3,” Apple tweeted, quoting Diggs’ tweet with a “heart hands” emoji.

Sadly for Diggs, the jab by Apple was more of a knockout hit. Even fans of Diggs couldn’t help but sit back, watch the grilling and let a single tear fall.

Eli Apple Is Elite Trash Talker

It was the perfect showcase of Apple as a trash-talker: riding the momentum of huge wins to dish out spars at other players that would likely Moss him on the field. But hey, he’s good at it.

Apple was on a roll Monday night as he retweeted and posted countless digs at Buffalo for the 27-10 beatdown by Cincinnati.

Eli Apple tweet
Eli Apple tweet
Eli Apple tweet
Eli Apple tweet

Apple was spotted celebrating the imminent win in the fourth quarter of the game by smacking around the Bills from his sideline.

Eli Apple tweet

It was pure disrespect all over a grieving Bills team that failed to capitalize on their highly emotional year.

Twitter was eating up what Apple was serving for dinner on Monday.


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