Bryson DeChambeau Hits Persimmon Wood At U.S. Amateur, Golf Channel Feels Need To Add Bogus Sound Effects: Video

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Bryson DeChambeau decided to take in some of the U.S. Amateur action in Colorado on Thursday and it didn’t take long for 2015 U.S. Am champion to get a club in his hands and put on a bit of a show for the fans out at Cherry Hills.

What ensued was truly bizarre.


The opening hole at Cherry Hills is a drivable Par 4, which is something DeChambeau simply can not resist. It’s safe to say the USGA didn’t have to beg him to step onto the tee box and try and drive the green with a persimmon wood.

Golf Channel got a camera on DeChambeau and analyst Dan Hicks hyped up the moment as if we were about to witness something otherworldly instead of a professional golfer simply hitting a golf ball.

“Folks, this is a live shot of yes, Bryson DeChambeau, with some old clubs I think,” Hicks shouted on the broadcast.

Not only was the hyping up of the moment weird and awkward, there’s a very slim chance the shot was actually live seeing as how NBC pumped a sound effect into the clip as if DeChambeau was hitting a modern-day driver.

Persimmon woods do not make this type of noise.

A person standing behind the teebox shared a video of DeChambeau hitting the persimmon wood with a completely different, normal sound.

Throwing in the fake sound effect adds nothing to the clip whatsoever, but this is nothing new for golf telecasts or golf commercials. For some reason, producers of these broadcasts think golf fans need to hear the stereotypical sound of a metal wood finding a golf ball, but we don’t, I promise.

Written by Mark Harris

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