Bruins Cut Player Two Days After Signing After Intense Backlash For Racist Past

The Mitchell Miller era in Boston lasted a total of two days.

The Bruins announced Sunday night they have parted way with Miller after a weekend full of backlash for the signing.

Team president Cam Neely cited “new information” the team learned in the days after signing him.

“The decision to sign this young man was made after careful consideration of the facts as we were aware of them: that at 14-years-old he made a poor decision that led to a juvenile conviction,” Neely said. “We understood this to be an isolated incident and that he had taken meaningful action to reform and was committed to ongoing personal development. Based on that understanding we offered him a contract.

“Based on new information, we believe it is the best decision at this time to rescind the opportunity for Mitchell Miller to represent the Boston Bruins. We hope that he continues to work with professionals and programs to further his education and personal growth.”

Bruins Players 'On The Fence' About Mitchell Miller Signing Because Of Assault When He Was A Juvenile
Mitchell Miller lasted two days in Boston. (Photo by Jeanine Leech/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images)

The Bruins signed Miller to a three-year contract Friday, and immediately faced scrutiny. In 2016, Miller was convicted of assault against a classmate.

He pleaded guilty when he was 14 to one count of assault and violating the Ohio Safe Schools Act. Miller and another student forced Isaiah Meyer-Crothers to eat a lollipop after wiping it in a bathroom urinal. z

Surveillance footage showed them kicking and punching him and Miller also called Meyer-Crothers, who is Black and has developmental disabilities, the N-Word and “brownie.” The Arizona Coyotes drafted Miller in 2020, but relinquished his draft rights when details became public.

Bruins players uneasy with Miller signing

Neely said the team will “reevaluate” their internal process for vetting players after receiving immediate backlash for the signing – mainly from their own players.

Bruins captain Patrice Bergeron said felt uneasy about the team’s decision to bring in the 20-year-old.

“I was on the fence. I think, as a person, but also as a team, I think we stand for integrity and inclusion and diversity, obviously,” Bergeron told SportsNet in Canada. “That was the first thing that came out of my mouth. It goes against what we are as a culture and as a team and, for me, as a person.

“I’ve been told lately that he’s working hard to make some changes to hopefully make those bad decisions in the past help others to not do that, and, for me, I think the work is on him.”

Bergeron also said that Miller “would not be accepted and wanted and welcomed” if it’s clear he has not changed.

NHL Commissioner Gary Bettman was not consulted by the team before the signing and responded by saying Miller would “not be coming to the NHL.”

Written by Zach Dean

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