Bruce Arians Reportedly Under League Investigation After Bucs/Saints Brawl

The NFL might want to have a word with Bruce Arians after a melee unfolded Sunday during the Bucs/Saints game.

Tempers flared Sunday, and all hell broke loose when the two teams started going after each other. By the time the dust settled, Bucs WR Mike Evans and Saints DB Marshon Lattimore were both tossed.

However, one of the things that caught a lot of people’s attention was the fact former Tampa Bay coach Bruce Arians appeared to be chirping from the sidelines.

Some even speculated Arians ordered Mike Evans to take a shot at Lattimore.

The NFL is digging into what happened with Bruce Arians and everyone else.

Now, the NFL might be taking a look at Arians actions. ProFootballTalk reported the league is taking a look at the entire situation, and is “specifically” eyeing up any role the former head coach of the Bucs might have had.

Given the fact Bruce Arians isn’t an active coach anymore, it’s not crystal clear what kind of rules might apply here. There doesn’t seem to be anything explicitly stopping him from being on the sidelines, which PFT also noted. It’s not even clear if the NFL has the authority to ban him from the sidelines after what happened Sunday.

What we do know is the NFL is a league that cares greatly about its reputation, and Sunday was an embarrassment to everyone involved. There’s no shot Roger Goodell and the league lets it fly.

The NFL is investigating the Buccaneers/Saints brawl. (Photo by Cliff Welch/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images)

If the NFL determines Arians behaved in an inappropriate manner, you can bet the house he’ll get a phone call from the people in charge.

Written by David Hookstead

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