Browns Win Snoozefest Over Ravens Right After NFL’s Most Thrilling Game Of The Season

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How do you follow up the greatest comeback in NFL history? You don’t and you don’t even try, apparently. Following the Minnesota Vikings historic win over the Indianapolis Colts, the Cleveland Browns won a complete snoozer over the Baltimore Ravens.

Seriously, not sure you could have scripted more diametrically opposed NFL games than the first two Saturday contests. The Vikings rallied from down 33 points to beat the Colts in overtime. The Browns and Ravens combined for 16 points.

Many jokes were made by the announcers as NFL Network shifted from the end of that game to the in-progress match between the Browns and Ravens.

“How can we top that?!” You can’t. Clearly.

The NFL’s official Twitter account tweets out highlights as the game goes along. The fact that this very pedestrian throw from Tyler Huntley to Mark Andrews made the cut is telling.

Browns-Ravens play epically boring football game

The most exciting part of the game was arguably the snow falling. Maybe it was the four missed field goals. One of them was blocked. Yay.

There was that one touchdown though!

Hey! A touchdown in the Browns-Ravens game!
Hey! A touchdown in the Browns-Ravens game! (Photo by Jason Miller/Getty Images)

Myles Garrett became the Browns all-time leader in sacks. That was cool.

The two quarterbacks in the game — Deshaun Watson and Tyler Huntley — combined for fewer than 300 yards passing (299 exactly, matter of fact). Kirk Cousins threw for 460 yards by himself earlier in the day.

In fact, Cousins threw for more yards in the second half against the Colts than both Watson and Huntley combined for the entire game.

The Colts defense and special teams scored more touchdowns (2) than the Browns and Ravens offenses combined (1).

I don’t know, guys. It was an NFL game that happened that I’ll probably never think about again.

Hopefully Dolphins-Bills will be better.

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