Browns RB Demetric Felton Has Expensive Ride Stolen: Report

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Athletes are people, too. Despite their money and notoriety, athletes are highly susceptible to problems we assume only of the common man.

Take Cleveland Browns running back Demetric Felton, who reportedly had his Dodge Durango SRT Hellcat stolen on Sunday.

As reported by FOX 5 Cleveland’s Camryn Justice, Felton noted that a vehicle followed into a parking garage before his Dodge was stolen.

The Cleveland Police Department announced that they are investigating the matter. Demetric Felton promoted his stolen vehicle on Instagram through local Durango influencers.

Cleveland drafted Felton in the sixth round of the 2021 NFL Draft. Demetric Felton sits behind Nick Chubb and Jerome Ford on the Browns’ depth chart as their third-string RB.

Athletes get their fair share of headaches from thieves and criminals looking to score big.

From MLB players getting their vacation homes stripped of hundreds of thousands in materials to fellow NFL player C.J. Gardner-Johnson having his KIA stolen in January, widespread crime doesn’t discriminate.

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