Broncos And Rams Get Into It After The Game

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The Broncos and Rams weren’t exhibiting of that Christmas spirit and goodwill after their game on Sunday. Instead, the two got into it after a lopsided Rams victory.

Instead of exchanging some “good game” hugs and the odd “Merry Christmas,” a few players wound up getting into a skirmish.

Broncos outside linebacker Randy Gregory can be seen having words with Rams guard Oday Oboushi and then trading some shots.

Broncos defensive lineman Mike Purcell separated the two and pushed Aboushi. He did a good job, only he pushed him right into CBS reporter Tracy Wolfson’s interview with Baker Mayfield.

Gregory continued to jaw at Rams after he had been separated from Aboushi.

Fans had a lot to say about things getting so heated. And on Christmas, no less!

You can understand why the Broncos would be a little hot under the collar. They had an abysmal game.

How bad was it?

When you’ve got Patrick Star talking smack, you’re in a rough place.

The Rams annihilated the Broncos 51-14. However, both teams sit well outside the playoff picture/

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